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Competition is often fierce between your vacation rental and other nearby properties offering similar services. All owners aim to stand out from the crowd and see their listing seen and their rental reserved. Maximize your chances by filling in your listing correctly to be found via the various Airbnb filters! Read on for our practical tips on how to make the most of this search channel, which is often favored by travelers.

Traveler searches on Airbnb

Every traveler has his or her own way of searching on the Airbnb booking platform:

  • search by location and specific dates
  • search by dates months or flexible
  • search by duration (weekend, week, month) and anywhere
  • search by world region
  • search by selecting airbnb categories: beachfront, rooms, lakefront, amazing pools, etc.

Airbnb filters can then be applied in many different circumstances.

There are many ways to search for a short-term rental on Airbnb. For you as owners or managers of vacation rentals, it’s essential to gain visibility to maximize your chances of triggering bookings, and thus boost your occupancy rate. To do this, you’ll need to list your facilities and services.

Airbnb filters: How can travelers find your vacation rental?

To personalize their searches, Airbnb travelers often add filters to obtain a more precise list of results that corresponds more closely to their criteria. They then have several levers of action:

Price range

This allows them to define a minimum and maximum amount per night.

You can use a dynamic pricing tool to ensure that your price is in line with the market.

Number of Bedrooms, beds and bathrooms

Particularly important when traveling with several people: families or groups of friends, for example.

Type of accommodation

Airbnb filters ᐅ Guide

Guests can choose between different types of property: house, apartment, guesthouse and hotel.


Our practical guide includes a list of essential equipment for your vacation rental. On Airbnb, travelers can select several basic services and products: Wifi for telecommuting in a dedicated workspace, kitchen, washer, hair dryer, air conditioning, heating, tv, hairdryer, and iron.

The features of your vacation rental

Some travelers have a clear idea of the features they’re looking for. They’ll be sure to activate the pool filter, but also free parking on premises, hot tub, EV charger, crib, gym, BBQ grill, breakfast, indoor fireplace, smoking allowed. All according to their needs and desires, of course.


The location of a short-term rental can be a decisive factor for travelers. They can filter by beachfront or waterfront for instance.


As indicated in our practical guide, ensuring the safety of your guests is essential in your short-term rental, most importantly by installing a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm. Two filters that can be added to the traveler’s personalized search.

Reservation options

Instant booking generates more reservations on average, and makes life much easier for travelers and rental managers alike.Just like offering Airbnb self check-in or free cancellation.

Accessibility features

For disabled travelers, it’s particularly important to have a level entrance. In our practical guide, you can find out about the various aspects to be taken into account for greater inclusivity.

As far as Airbnb filters are concerned, there are several here, and naturally for different rooms in the vacation rental:

  • Guest entrance and parking
  • Step-free guest entrance
  • Guest entrance wider than 32 inches
  • Accessible parking spot
  • Step-free path to the guest entrance


  • Step-free bedroom access
  • Bedroom entrance wider than 32 inches


  • Step-free bathroom access
  • Bathroom entrance wider than 32 inches
  • Shower grab bar
  • Toilet grab bar
  • Step-free shower
  • Shower or bath chair

Adaptive equipment

  • Ceiling or mobile hoist

Top tier stays

To guarantee a smooth stay, travelers can turn to listings where hosts are recognized for their hospitality and top-notch service via positive reviews, which in Airbnb corresponds to Superhost status.

Host language

It’s also possible for guests to select the host’s language to facilitate exchanges, especially if you offer a personalized welcome and need to communicate live with them.

The importance of detail in being found via airbnb filters

As you can see, customizing a traveler’s search for a short-term rental via Airbnb filters can be very comprehensive and detailed. As a holiday rental owner or manager, it’s important to fill in all the fields in your Airbnb listing so that it can be seen by a wide variety of people.

In our practical guide, you’ll find tips on how to write an effective listing.

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