Misterb&b Guide for Vacation Rental Hosts

Find out in this guide how to register on the booking portal and offer inclusive stays to your guests!

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If you’re looking to diversify your vacation rental listings across portals, while at the same time being more inclusive and offering a safe experience for your future LGBTQ+ travelers, then perhaps misterb&b is the right solution for you. In this practical guide, you’ll find an overview of the misterb&b vacation rental booking portal, how to register and post a listing, service fees, the benefits of this promotional tool and general questions.

Introducing the misterb&b platform

misterb&b was founded in 2014 to offer travelers more inclusive, safer and more relaxed experiences. In effect, the platform connects LGBTQ+ or like-minded hosts with community travelers and thus offers a vacation rental for solo travelers, couples, or groups of friends, for example.

Inclusivity is at the heart of misterb&b’s values. The company recognizes the importance of extending its services, offering safe and welcoming stays to the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Today, misterb&b is the world’s largest gay hotelier, with 310,000 guests in over 135 countries. The site offers seasonal rentals, private rooms, houses, and hotels.

How to register on misterb&b as vacation rental host ᐅ Guide

How do I create an account on misterb&b?

If you’d like to share your short-term rental on the misterb&b platform, you’ll first need to create an account on the site if you don’t already have one. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to misterbandb.com
  2. Click on the top right-hand corner to register
  3. Enter your surname, first name, e-mail address, pronouns, and date of birth
  4. Confirm your registration
  5. Click on the validation link in the e-mail you receive to confirm your registration.

How do I register my vacation rental with misterb&b?

Once you’ve registered with misterb&b, you can “become a host”. Here’s how to register your short-term rental on the site.

1. Type of Property
In this first step, you’ll need to indicate the type of property you’re offering:

  • House
  • an apartment
  • A guest house
  • A boutique hotel

How to register on misterb&b as vacation rental host ᐅ Guide

2. Type of space
Here you’ll need to indicate whether you’re offering the entire accommodation or a private room in your property.

3. Location
Enter the address of your property here. This will remain private.

4. Guests & configuration
Here you can enter the maximum number of guests you can accommodate, as well as the number of beds, bedrooms, and bathrooms your property has.

5. Amenities
Indicate here the facilities that travelers will be able to find in your vacation rental.

Most popular amenities

  • Wi-Fi
  • Dedicated workspace
  • Kitchen
  • Pool
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Washer


  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Breakfast included

LGBTQ+ favorites

  • LGBTQ+ places nearby
  • tips and advice from the host
  • nearby yoga classes
  • Etc.

Fire protection

  • Smoke alarm
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Fire extinguisher

6. Photos
Start by uploading at least 3 photos of your short-term rental. Remember to use professional photos to give yourself the best chance of success.

7. Title
As with other booking portals, here you’ll need to come up with a catchy title for your listing. You have a maximum of 70 characters to be convincing.

8. Standouts

In this step, you can choose several highlights for your rental:

  • Close to the LGBTQ+ scene
  • Ideal for fitness fans
  • Relaxing
  • Warm
  • Instagrammable
  • Ideal location

9. Description
Here, you can share a more detailed presentation of your rental to awaken the desire for potential guests to book with you. Feel free to share your rental’s highlights, nearby activities and points of interest, etc.

10. Price
Here you can set your price per night. Depending on your accommodation and location, misterb&b will offer you a recommendation. You are free to follow it or not.

When you register, you also have the option of offering a 20% discount on your first three bookings. The idea is to give you a helping hand in generating your first bookings and collecting your first reviews.

11. Final questions
Finally, the portal asks whether you are a private or professional host.

You’ll also be asked whether you have security cameras at home.

Click Next to confirm your telephone number. Your ad is now ready,


The platform places great emphasis on security. You may be asked to provide identity documents and proof of address corresponding to the address of the property you wish to rent.

Reservation management

When it comes to booking with misterb&b, you have two options:

  • You receive a reservation: you have 24 hours to accept it. If you do not return the reservation, it will be cancelled. Please note that even if a reservation is refused, it’s best to let your traveler know as soon as possible. On the one hand, it’s friendlier and more respectful. On the other hand, your response time is taken into account by the misterb&b algorithm.
  • You offer instant booking. In this case, the reservation is automatically accepted.


How to register on misterb&b as vacation rental host ᐅ Guide

How do reviews and comments work on misterb&b?

As you know, reviews and ratings play an important role in the success of a vacation rental business. That’s why misterb&b is no exception to the rule, and puts the spotlight on traveler/host ratings and comments.

Once your traveler has left, you’ll have 21 days to leave a review. The same goes for your host.

When searching for accommodations, travelers will be able to see your rating (out of 5) on the results page. Reviews can be viewed in detail on the host’s profile page. misterb&b also offers property search via the “best rated” filter, so as with any other booking platform, you’ll need to offer a smooth, pleasant travel experience to receive a positive rating.

What is Fabul ‘host program’ and how do I sign up?

Continuing on the subject of ratings and reviews, misterb&b also offers its own status to differentiate exceptional hosts: Fabul’host.

Fabul’host status boosts your visibility on the site and generates more bookings. With this status, your qualities as a host and your services are recognized. This naturally establishes a relationship of trust between you and your future travelers.

What are the criteria for joining the Fabul’host program?

To join Fabul’host, you need to have at least two confirmed reservations during the last qualification period.

The qualification periods are defined as follows:

  • 1st qualification period: from January 1st
  • 2nd qualification period: from April 1st
  • 3rd qualification period: from July 1st
  • 4th qualification period: from October 1

But that’s not all! You’ll also need to :

Be an efficient host. To achieve this, you’ll need to maintain a response rate of at least 85%. That way, your future travelers will know they can count on you in case of questions or emergencies.
Have 90% of your reviews rated 4 stars or higher, and at least 50% of your travelers must have left you a review. Give your guests an unforgettable vacation.
Cancel no booking

How do misterb&b service fees work?

The misterb&b host service fee is applied to your price per night (and multiplied by the number of nights booked) and combined with the cleaning fee set by you. These fees depend mainly on the type of your rental and your location (prices for compliance with local regulations and taxes vary, some cities require a license fee to allow us to operate).

To understand the amount of commission deducted from your payment, please refer to the “Prices” section of your listings. Where applicable, this amount includes VAT on host service fees. For each booking, misterb&b charge a minimum of €12 (including VAT).

The site offers a detailed explanation of its service fees here.

How do payments work on misterb&b?

As a misterb&b host, you’ll earn money for every booking you make on the platform. The site releases payment 48 hours after the traveler’s arrival. However, depending on the payment method chosen (Stripe, PayPal, or Payoneer), payment times may differ by a few days, just as if the 48 hours arrive at a weekend or public holiday.

Got a question? Look through the misterb&b Help Center

If you have any questions about how to get started with the reservations site, you can consult their help center.

You’ll be able to consult a number of resources, such as

  • Getting started: practical tips for hosts and travelers. Tips for creating an attractive ad, getting your first bookings, etc.
  • Hosting: learn how to manage your reservations, your listings, synchronizing your calendar, prepare for travelers’ arrival, etc.
  • Legal constraints and local taxes: compliance, tax regulations, etc.

How can I contact misterb&b?

There are several ways to contact the booking site:

Via a ticket system

By clicking on the following link, you can submit a written request to the platform. To do so, you’ll need to enter :

  • Your email address
  • The subject of your request by selecting an option from the drop-down menu: doubt, trust and security, first steps, host, traveler, payments, other information.
  • Details of your request

If required, you can attach one or more files.

By phone

You can contact misterb&b by telephone on :

  • International +33 9 75 18 74 62
  • USA/Canada +1 (415) 802-0876

English assistance is available.

Using the Smoobu Channel Manager with misterb&b

If you’re already using a Channel Manager like Smoobu, or plan to do so in the future, then you’ll certainly be delighted to know that Smoobu offers connection with misterb&b.

This partnership enables you to connect misterb&b to your Smoobu Channel Manager. So when you book on misterb&b, the booking calendars of your other connected booking sites will be automatically synchronized via an iCal connection, and vice versa.

In practice, this means that if a one-week stay is booked from September 1 to 7 on misterb&b, then your calendars on your own direct booking site and your Airbnb listing will be automatically updated and the booking on these dates blocked. This will also be the case when booking on Airbnb, for example.

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