Airbnbs Enhanced Cleaning Protocol Reliability Standards 2UV9LOTKQ4R5

Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol & reliability standards

An update from the Airbnb team for Smoobu clients – Mandatory Covid-19 security measures & reliability standards. Enhanced Cleaning Protocol you should implement before November 20, 2020.

Modello Tassa Solo Host La Nuova Struttura Tariffaria Di Airbnb Per Gli Host Professionali Airbnb

Airbnb’s New Fee Structure for Professional Hosts – Host Only Fee Model

Maybe you’ve heard the news already? In forums, or on Facebook, it’s a hotly debated topic! Airbnb is switching Professional Hosts to the “Host Only Fee” model, bringing the total commission to 14-16%. First of all, we are big fans….

Smart Pricing With Integration Between Smoobu Channel Manager And Pricelabs 4

Smart Pricing with Integration between Smoobu Channel Manager and PriceLabs

This article is going to describe the new integration between Smoobu and PriceLabs, a platform that offers its users a customizable pricing option based on market data. What does it mean specifically? Smart prices thanks to the integration between Smoobu…

Engage Guests With Unwrapped And Smoobu Channel Manager Unwrapped Smoobu

Engage guests with Unwrapped and Smoobu channel manager

(COMING SOON) Unwrapped is an App whose goal is to help you engage guests with content before, during and in between trips. Vacation rental owners who sign up for Unwrapped primarily choose a smart solution to increase the visibility of…


Guest management with Wishbox and Smoobu channel manager

Wishbox is a system that allows you to improve the management of guests and to enhance their holiday experience. Wishbox enables you to automate both communication with guests and generate new revenue, significantly improving the experience of your customers. Forget…