Mit Smoobu ganz eich den Kalender deiner Ferienwohnung betrachten

Integrate external calendars: Outlook, Apple, Google, etc.

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External calendars can be integrated via iCal links. We need to make a difference between booking portals – those that are not on our list of connected portals – and calendar programs such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or Apple Calendar.

Smoobu calendar to integrate in external calendars

You may use, for example, your iPhone calendar to have an overview of all your appointments. You can integrate your Smoobu data there. You should bear in mind that the speed of the updates or the transmission of new events does not depend on us, but on the calendar programs. Normally these are updated at certain time intervals, sometimes daily. But it depends on each program.

Enter bookings and blocked periods

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We will show you how to enter your direct bookings and blocked periods (below). The difference is that the blocked periods are not included in the statistics.


Mit Software fuer ferienwohnungen app smoobu verwaltung

App now available for iOS and Android – Smoobu

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Native apps available now!!!! We have just launched our brand new iOS and Android Smoobu apps. We are super excited and hope you are as well. After registration download them from the Appstore or Playstore. Including push notifications. (more…)

Airbnb – Troubleshooting

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Airbnb has developed a standard interface for all its management partners. We also use it. When you connect a listing with any Channel Manager, some aspects of Airbnb are adjusted. These are the following:

1.First of all, instant bookings are activated. This means that all guests can now book instantly, without consulting with you first. This is not bad at all, in fact it has many advantages, but we wantit to be mentioned here.
2. All pricing functions and settings related to prices are greyed out on Airbnb and are now controlled from Smoobu.
3. All listings are subject to quality control by Airbnb.


einfach Buchungstool in deine externe Webseite integrieren

Use the Smoobu booking engine for your Smoobu website or your external website

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A dedicated website is ideal to generate direct bookings and optimally present your accommodation. Your website is your business card. But today a website without a booking engine is a bit like a business card without contact information. The trend goes towards direct bookings, few guests want to deal with booking requests. The guest asks, the apartment turns out to be occupied or his reservation is canceled, and his feeling is one of frustration. With the booking engine you can now accept reservations, including payments, just like in the reservation process in the big portals. But of course, without commissions.

There are two different ways of using Smoobu to generate direct bookings.

  1. You already have your own website, for example from Jimdo or WordPress, and you want to integrate the Smoobu booking engine into your site.
  2. You build your website with Smoobu Website Builder and you want to provide your guests with the booking engine.


Create your properties in Smoobu

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There is probably nothing easier to do than creating properties in Smoobu. It does not need much more than a name. (more…)

Connect Exepodia to Smoobu Channel manager and never worry about double bookings

How to: Connect Expedia and Smoobu easily

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In order to connect Smoobu to Expedia not many steps have to be taken. It is very easily done. Once you have the connection set up you can manage your bookings, prices, min. stay from within Smoobu and never have to worry about double bookings.  (more…)

Mit Smoobu einfach fuer deine Fewo daten fuer den meldeschein per online check-in sammeln

Online check-in for guests of your apartment

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Online check-in for guests

In order to make life easier for holiday home owners, Smoobu has developed a new feature: online check-in. Often, for government agencies or official events, the guests’ data must that be collected goes beyond the normal booking process. For example, date of birth or nationality. Now it’s easy to automatically request this data from your guests, even before they arrive. No annoying filling of paperwork on site.

Thanks to the new “Online Check-In” function at Smoobu, the collection of registration data or online check-in can be done quickly. Of course, all this is encrypted and secure against access by third parties. Here you will learn how to proceed.


Airbnb “on request” or instant bookings?

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Why use instant bookings to increase utilization

Some time ago it was still quite common to communicate with the guest before each booking. Nowadays, instant booking is the more contemporary option. The tourists want to book, pay and look forward to the holiday. As a landlord you do not want to spend a lot of time on inquiries that will not turn into real bookings.

Because this is now so self-evident, the booking portals want to do justice to this and increasingly offer this booking option. At, Agoda and Expedia there is not even an alternative. With the rather classic vacation apartment portals, there is often still the choice to work with requests.

At Airbnb, for example, each vacation rental owner can decide whether to accept direct bookings or to be bookable on request. Unfortunately, that changes the moment he uses the official Airbnb interface. This means that every ad linked to the API can be booked immediately. Basically, there is nothing against it, because the calendars are indeed correct thanks to Smoobu. Statistically, the number of bookings is much higher, for the objects that are “immediately bookable”. That’s why this is not just what Airbnb would like you to do but also our recommendation. But also we are aware that this is not possible for everybody. (more…)

Link and Airbnb with your Smoobu calendar

How long does it take to link Airbnb, and Smoobu?

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Link the calendars of and Airbnb – an example – the live test and Airbnb are among the largest portals for vacation rentals. Many landlords are already active there. And again and again we hear from these landlords that they are afraid to connect both with a channel manager. “Too complicated”, “too dangerous”, “too time-consuming” are the terms we hear over and over again. This is different with Smoobu, I we want to prove it with the following test.

I am stopping the time I need to link my calendar from to that from Airbnb. I start with the registration and stop the time when everything works and the real-time synchronization between and Airbnb is active.


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