Prepare Your Holiday Rental For Business Tourism 12

Prepare your holiday rental for business tourism

Updating your holiday rentals to accept business tourism bookings.   Traveling the world for pleasure may not be on the cards just yet, however work-related travel will be on the rise soon . In this article we show you how…

Covid 19 Financial Support Initiatives An Overview 7

COVID-19 & Financial Support Initiatives: An Overview

Not more than a couple of months have passed since the day we received the very first news about the outbreak of Corona virus and we are now more than aware of the fact that its consequences are going to…

How To Prepare Your Vacation Rental In The Quarantine Downtime 9

How to prepare your Vacation Rental in the quarantine downtime

So our regular lives have changed so much recently, both personally and professionally. We have had to stop our plans, travel and ultimately our daily lives. However, this doesn’t mean that our desire to travel has disappeared, but just that…