Welcome message for your vacation rental

How to make a difference with a welcome message for vacation rentals (+ list of examples)

As a vacation rental host, you know that offering a positive travel experience is key to satisfying your guests, building loyalty and collecting positive reviews after their stay. In the competitive vacation rental market, it is necessary to make every effort to stand out from the crowd by taking. One way to accomplish this is a warm welcome. Today, we are going to focus on the personalized welcome message for your guests and give you some examples of welcome words to use to improve your travel experience.

What is a welcome message for vacation rentals?

A welcome message or greeting is a personal note that you leave for your guests upon their arrival. As the name implies, it is a note that aims to welcome your travelers and make their stay a positive one.

Whether your guests come from a portal like Airbnb, Booking.com or via your own booking website, offer them the best welcome you can.

Why write a welcome message to your guests?

Writing a welcome message to your guests has many benefits to boost your vacation rental business:

  • Reinforce the traveler experience and improve your Airbnb welcome
  • Offer a personalized and positive traveler experience
  • Humanize your vacation rental management, especially if you offer independent arrival and not always a personalized welcome
  • Create a surprise with this attention
  • Show your guests that you are a caring and thoughtful host

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What form should your welcome message take?

You can offer your welcome letter in several ways:

  • Handwritten for more authenticity and a more personal and unique look.
  • In digital format, which allows you to adapt your welcome message more easily (you can also do so from anywhere). A digital message is interesting if you manage your vacation rental remotely. In addition, you could attach your welcome message to your digital Guest Guide and gather all your useful information and recommendations.

Attach your welcome message to your Guest Guide / Welcome Message

To mix business with pleasure, you can include your welcome message in your short term rental within your guest guide. This way, your guests will have all the information they need to have a pleasant stay in your rental in the same digital document:

  • A personalized welcome note to initiate a warm welcome
  • Your house rules including all the important information to respect in your holiday rental
  • A map on how to access your rental
  • Your cultural and culinary recommendations, your practical advice, emergency numbers (including your personal cell phone number for emergencies)

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What should you write in your welcome message?

A welcome message should be concise. However, here are some suggestions of what you can include in your welcome message:

  • A positive and benevolent message to make your welcome warm and personalized
  • Adress your guests directly by their first or last name, depending on the travel experience you wish to offer and your target groups
  • An invitation to contact you in case of need or questions

How to make a difference with a welcome message for vacation rentals (+ list of examples)

10 examples of welcome messages for your vacation rental

If you’re looking for inspiration to write your airbnb welcome message, find some examples of welcome messages for vacation rentals below:

1. Hello _____ and _____, welcome to the “Cozy Apartment”. We hope you will have a pleasant stay with us. Make yourself at home and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. _______ and ________

2. ______ and _____ welcome you to the “Beach House”. Have a pleasant stay and enjoy the sea air.

3. We wish you a warm welcome to you and your group! Create beautiful memories together. Don’t hesitate to contact me or check our welcome book if you have any questions.

4. Hello ______, thank you for choosing to stay at the Golden Hour. I hope you have a wonderful stay and enjoy your time in our charming seaside resort.

5. Dear _____ and ______, we wish you a great stay in our rental!

6. We wish you a very nice stay! If you need help with anything, please contact us, we are here for you!

7. Dear ____ and ____, welcome to our cabin. Hope you enjoy your stay here and our beautiful mountains. Take care!

Also think about adapting your messages according to your target groups or if you have international travelers and your messages have to be in Spanish, French or German. Some examples in these languages:

8. Nous vous souhaitons un très bon séjour ! Si vous avez besoin d’aide pour quoi que ce soit, contactez-nous, nous sommes là pour vous !

9. Herzlich willkommen in _____! Wir hoffen, Sie genießen die Zeit bei uns und haben viel Spaß!

10. Le deseamos una agradable estancia en nuestro alojamiento y no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita ayuda.

In summary: a welcome note is always a good idea to personalize your welcome

  1. Offer a remarkable and personalized customer experience with your welcome note
  2. Capitalize on a simple action that has immediate positive results
  3. Create a positive impact as soon as your visitors enter your location
  4. Put all the chances on your side to receive a 5 star review during the check-out process