Guest Communications for Vacation Rental Hosts

Communicate from one central place and enhance relationships with your guests.

Unified Inbox
Communicate with guests from your Smoobu account rather than logging in into all various booking portals. Since all messages are dynamically allocated to your bookings, you can easily email or chat with guests, as well as review conversation history. Online or via our mobile app.

Automated Messaging
Create message templates (e.g. booking confirmations or thank you messages), define the trigger events (e.g. 2 days before check-in or 5 days after check-out) and improve communications with your guests drastically.

Full integration of & Airbnb messaging APIs.

ᐅ Automated Communications Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu

Unify your guest communications

Don't waste your precious time logging in into all different booking portals. Smoobu's messaging inbox is the only communication hub you will need.

From a unified view, to templates and automated messages (see below more detailed information), it provides you with all communication tools you will ever need to professionalise your business.

Furthermore, since you will only need Smoobu to manage your communications, you can access it anywhere and anytime via desktop, mobile web and/or our mobile app.

Enable push notifications on your Android or iOS device and stay always informed.

ᐅ Automated Communications Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu
ᐅ Automated Communications Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu

Work smarter with automated templates

We know from experience that sending manual messages can be time-consuming.

Easily create custom messaging templates with dynamic placeholders, such as guest name, check-in/out times, link to our Guest Guide etc, OR reuse the free templates our multi-lingual team conveniently translated in 7 languages for you.

Automatically send your templates to your guests based on time and trigger: booking notification, arrival or departure.

Additionally, you can send reminders to any third-party email address, co-workers, cleaning staff and of course yourself.

The possibilities are limitless.

ᐅ Automated Communications Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu

Climate friendly and contactless check-in

Smoobu makes your guest's check-in easier, climate friendly and contactless. These are especially important in the context of environmentally conscious travel practices and the outbreak of the latest pandemic.

With Smoobu's native online check-in tool, you can collect all the guest information you need to comply with local laws or simply for your own safety and/or organisation.

All standard fields, such as name, gender, nationality, document number etc are fully customisable and can be enabled or disabled to your needs.

Additionally, you can create custom fields, require e-signature and allow guests to attach files.

ᐅ Automated Communications Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu
ᐅ Automated Communications Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu

Manage your Airbnb guest reviews

Read, answer and write your own Airbnb reviews directly on your Smoobu account. This way you always have your guests feedback at hand and you can react quickly without needing to login on Airbnb.

Rate your guest with up to five stars in different categories, for example on “cleanliness”, “communication”, and “house rules”.

This saves you valuable time and allows you to keep track of your ratings.

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