Guest Guide for Vacation Rentals

Automate your accommodation's guidelines with all relevant information.

Provide your guests with all the relevant information regarding their reservation, in over 40 languages.

From check-in instructions, Wi-Fi credentials, health practices, maps, videos etc, make sure your guests feel accompanied from the moment they book, until they checkout.

Additionally, you can cross-sell any extra service, as well as allowing guests to message you directly from the Guest Guide.

Smoobu's Guest Guide is fully customisable, is generated uniquely for each booking and can be sent to your guests directly via your Unified Inbox or Automated Templates.

ᐅ Dynamic Guest Guide for Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu

Setup once and boost your reviews

Your dynamic Smoobu's Guest Guide is very easy to setup.

Enable native content blocks based on arrival, stay and checkout dates:

Online check-in form, booking engine, location map, direct messaging, direct reviews, tours, weather widget, as well as third party integrations such as luggage storage and smart locks codes.

Additionally, you're able to add custom content blocks and cross-sell extra services (see below more info).

Smoobu's Guest Guide is fully integrated with all Smoobu's tools.

ᐅ Dynamic Guest Guide for Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu
ᐅ Dynamic Guest Guide for Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu

Add fully customised content

Content is king! Create blocks with custom content and make sure your guests know all about your accommodation.

From house rules, to Wi-Fi credentials, local sights & activities, images, videos and PDFs, your Smoobu's Guest Guide provides your guests with an immersive experience.

Guidelines such as for recycling and health safety practices are also especially useful on the context of environmentally conscious travel practices and the outbreak of the latest pandemic.

ᐅ Dynamic Guest Guide for Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu

Cross-sell all your extra services

In marketing there's a saying: Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

With Smoobu's Guest Guide you can cross-sell any additional service or item and make more money from your existing guests, at the most engaging touchpoint - during their stay.

From airport transfers, breakfast, pre-filled fridge, bike rental, mid-stay cleaning and laundry, Smoobu's Guest Guide is your perfect platform to sell all your commodities.

Since Smoobu's Guest Guide is fully integrated with the Booking Engine, you can cash-in all payments directly to your Stripe and PayPal account.

ᐅ Dynamic Guest Guide for Vacation Rental Hosts | Smoobu


Choose from a wide range of natively integrated features.


Localisation is the key to target new markets. Smoobu's Guest Guide allows you to translate your guidelines easily in over 40 languages.

Smart Cross-Selling

Connect the Booking Engine and cross-sell any extra service, such as breakfast, full fridge, bike rental or mid-stay cleaning.

Keys, Luggage etc

Benefit from our third-party integrations and send smart locks or luggage storage private codes dynamically to your guests.

Custom Content

Create blocks with custom content, such as wifi, videos etc and make sure your guests know all about your accommodation.

Online Check-in

Enable Smoobu's Online Check-in natively and collect all the information you need directly from the Guest Guide.

Fully Responsive

Your Smoobu's Guest Guide is fully responsive and is available for all devices. Desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Direct Messaging

Allow your guests to write to you directly via their Smoobu Guest Guide and streamline your communication.

Direct Reviews

Collect reviews from your guests directly from the Guest Guide and avoid misunderstandings on public reviews.

Dynamic Placeholders

Choose between over 30 placeholders, such as portal name, price etc and automise your content.

Standard Icons

No need to be a user interface expert. Smoobu's Guest Guide has over 100 pre-defined icons so you can style your content.

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