Smart Pricing With Integration Between Smoobu Channel Manager And Pricelabs 4

Smart Pricing with Integration between Smoobu Channel Manager and PriceLabs

This article is going to describe the new integration between Smoobu and PriceLabs, a platform that offers its users a customizable pricing option based on market data. What does it mean specifically? Smart prices thanks to the integration between Smoobu…

Engage Guests With Unwrapped And Smoobu Channel Manager Unwrapped Smoobu

Engage guests with Unwrapped and Smoobu channel manager

(COMING SOON) Unwrapped is an App whose goal is to help you engage guests with content before, during and in between trips. Vacation rental owners who sign up for Unwrapped primarily choose a smart solution to increase the visibility of…


Guest management with Wishbox and Smoobu channel manager

Wishbox is a system that allows you to improve the management of guests and to enhance their holiday experience. Wishbox enables you to automate both communication with guests and generate new revenue, significantly improving the experience of your customers. Forget…

Opening Automated Doors Without Wifi With Igloohome And Smoobu Channel Manager 6

Opening automated doors without Wifi with Igloohome and Smoobu channel manager

This article focuses on Smoobu channel manager newest integration with Igloohome. Igloohome is a WiFi-free automated door opening system that offers intelligent access solutions with last generation technologies. Igloohome covers a wide range of products to help vacation rental owners…

Cleaning And Staff Management With Turnoverbnb And Smoobu 5

Cleaning and Staff Management with TurnoverBnB and Smoobu

Introduction to TurnoverBnB Cleaning and Staff Management with Smoobu TurnoverBnB is a platform designed for both vacation rental owners and service providers to join forces and unite under one platform with all the tools they need to have a perfect…