Check-in Scan & Smoobu: the new integration for a smooth guest registration

Check-in Scan & Smoobu: a integration for guest registration

Check-in Scan is the integration you need for an easy, fast and legally compliant guest check-in wherever you are. Here’s how you can easily integrate it into your Smoobu account and ensure an efficient check-in process in just a few steps.

What is Check-in Scan?

Check-in Scan is a solution focused on the registration of vacation rental guests, hotels, hostels, campgrounds, hostels and rural properties. Since vacation rental hosts and property managers are required by law in most countries to report the check-ins of guests, Check-in Scan allows them to perform this entire process as easily as possible, from a simple mobile application, and to send all check-in reports directly to the relevant authorities. 

Check-in Scan’s check-in app is the perfect solution to avoid having to perform check-ins manually, with all the time and effort that entails. At the same time, an app like Check-in Scan also greatly facilitates the guest experience by allowing guests to digitally sign the check-in forms.

The evolution of the vacation rental industry has made it possible that processes like this can now be managed in such a simple way, adapting to the ever changing needs of hosts and guests. 

Is the registration of travelers mandatory in tourist accommodations?

In Europe the registration of guests is mandatory throughout the territory and can be carried out in different ways. Failure to register travelers staying in a vacation rental can lead to substantial fines for hosts. 

Check-in Scan is connected to all of these check-in platforms, so as a vacation rental host, you don’t have to worry about anything else. If you use Check-in Scan together with Smoobu, you will have the advantage of not having to use the app, but from the Smoobu control panel you will be able to manage the check-in reports of all the vacation rental properties you have, even if they are units. 

Check-in Scan is connected to the travelers’ registration services in Spain, Portugal, Croatia, and Italy. 

How does Check-in Scan work? 

The key to this smart solution is the speed and ease of the process, as it takes only 3 steps to complete the entire registration process.

Step 1: Scan the guest’s ID document

By scanning the MRZ code that appears at the bottom of the ID documents (ID card or passport), the registration app instantly saves the personal data. 

Step 2: guest signature

 Afterwards, the guest only has to sign the registration document using a finger or a stylus.

Step 3: Send the registration automatically

Finally, send in one click the registration of travelers to the police and download the registration form, which you will have to keep. 

The registration process couldn’t be simpler! In addition to saving time and effort, you can be sure that everything conforms to legal requirements, avoiding fines and problems with the authorities. Guests won’t have to fill out any paper forms either.

Smoobu and Check-in Scan: how you can integrate the solution

At Smoobu we want to offer our vacation rental hosts the best tools possible to help them when managing their business. 

Other advantages you will find: 

  • It is possible to check-in in advance of the guest’s arrival.
  • The guest himself can conveniently register using a QR code.
  • The registration form can also be done off-line and with total security thanks to encryption. 
  • You don’t have to invest in an installation or hardware, as Check-in Scan does not integrate any additional costs. 
  • You can use the initial free trial without obligation. 
  • Check-in Scan also integrates with electronic locks, such as Igloohome and Nuki, to offer your guests a much simpler and more comfortable check-in. 
  • You will have unlimited check-ins 
  • From only 3,45€ per month per unit, you can sign up, and if you are a Smoobu customer, you can benefit from a discount when integrating it into your account using the code SMOOBU20

Get Check-in Scan now and forget about bureaucratic paperwork

The ease of integrating a solution like Check-in Scan is obvious, so you can save time, effort and proceed to offer an easy and fast check-in to your guests. With a native application of this nature that integrates through an iCal connection, you will be able to have in your Smoobu profile all the necessary tools to manage more efficiently the arrivals to your tourist accommodation. 

What are you waiting for to streamline and offer the best experience to your guests? 

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