How to: Connect Expedia and Smoobu easily

In order to connect Smoobu to Expedia not many steps have to be taken. It is very easily done. Once you have the connection set up you can manage your bookings, prices, min. stay from within Smoobu and never have to worry about double bookings. 

Activate Expedia interface

Log into your Expediapartnercentral account

Go to Rooms and Rates – Expedia Connectivity Settings

Easily Connect Exepdia to Smoobu Channel Manager

In case your listing is new on Expedia it is helpful to set all availabilities to 1 before connecting to Smoobu

Now activate as well “Rates and Availability” as “Receiving reservations”. You are done on Expedia.

Easily set your rates and availabilties on Smoobu

Connect Smoobu to Expedia

Go to your Smoobu cockpit

Click on settings and then on booking portals

Connect Smoobu and Expedia and select your vacation rental channel manager

Select Expedia as Portal and click on “Connect Portal”

Manage your vacartion rental on expedia with our channel manager

Add you Expedia Hotel ID. If you have multiple IDs, please add them all. You may click on enter or tab after entering one Expedia Hotel ID.

Enter your expedia portal heer and connect to channel manager

Now you need to map the properties. Click on please select and choose the correct Room ID. It may take +30 minutes until we have access to Expedia properties and may have to wait until you can do the mapping. Check with “reload” button. Follow on for all your units and click on save. You have connected Smoobu to Expedia successfully

Connect Exepdia to channel manager for your vacation rental

You may now change your prices and min. stay as well. If you already have those set in Expedia this is optional.

Find out more about Smoobu Channel Manager

If you are still experiencing issues connecting Smoobu to Expedia we are more than happy to answer your questions. Contact us via mail or speak to one of our agents +441157070245

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