Channel Manager

Synchronise all your booking portals in real time and increase your productivity.

No more double bookings
Smoobu Channel Manager ensures that all bookings are seamlessly synced throughout all your connected booking portals, direct bookings via our commission free booking engine, manual calendar blocks, modifications and cancellations.

Save time and boost your revenues
Did you know that Smoobu's hosts save on average 3 hours per week per listing in manual work? And that in average they have 20% better reviews than other Airbnb hosts? Focus your time on your guests!

Seamless rates synchronisation

With Smoobu you can synchronise your rates to the major portals easily. All you have to do is define the base price (for single days, periods or day of the week) in your account. Additionally you can add a mark-up in percentage per portal!

Let’s say you have 3 connected portals. As an example, you define 100 (€/$/£) as base price for every weekday in June. Additionally, you set a 3% mark-up for, 5% for Airbnb and 9% for Expedia. Smoobu will sync in real-time 103 to, 105 to Airbnb and 109 to Expedia.

In this case, your Smoobu booking website will be synced with 100 (€/$/£). Since Smoobu's booking tool is commission free, this is especially important for your direct sales.

Looking for smart pricing? We are fully integrated with PriceLabs and BeyondPricing.

Sync as entire listing and/or sub-units

Are your offering your vacation rental as an entire property, but also as separate sub-units? Managing this combination manually is time consuming. We have made it easy!

Let’s say you have 3 listings on – One house as entire listing and two subunits. The way it works is the following: A guest books the entire house and Smoobu blocks the subunits. If a sub-unit is booked, the entire listing is blocked but the remaining sub-units remain bookable.

Additionally, Smoobu syncs the information to all of your connected portals.

Supported booking portals

Smoobu partners with the most important regional and international booking portals, as well as with niche portals that are relevant for particular target groups. Since we are continuously expanding our partner portfolio, in case you cannot find the portal you are looking for, please contact us!

Disclaimer: All partner brands, websites and logos are trademarks of their respective owners.

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