Cleaning and Staff Management with TurnoverBnB and Smoobu

ᐅ Cleaning and Staff Management with TurnoverBnB and Smoobu

Introduction to TurnoverBnB Cleaning and Staff Management with Smoobu

TurnoverBnB is a platform designed for both vacation rental owners and service providers to join forces and unite under one platform with all the tools they need to have a perfect turnover process between one guest checking-out and the next guest checking-in. As a result, automated tasks have never been easier with TurnoverBnB, Smoobu’s new integration, and allows hosts to manage existing cleaners and even acquire new ones who are already part of the TurnoverBnB community. Hence, Cleaning and Staff Management with TurnoverBnB and Smoobu is a totally new experience.

TurnoverBnB is a new generation platform which undeniably automates property management for both vacation rental owners and service providers in order to get rid of the necessity of an old school – and therefore not cheap – property management company.

Why we as Smoobu Property Management System (PMS) connected to TurnoverBnB

Cleaning and staff management involves quite some specific tasks that would make core Smoobu product too complex and overloaded. Therefore, we were looking for a partner to bridge the gap between managing your guests and managing your cleaners. Certainly, this makes it a more integrated approach. In addition, we were often asked about cleaning and maintenance staff which seems to be very rare and subsequently proved difficult to get. So we wanted to connect to a service that offer both! For instance, providing help in finding staff and then further down the road also managing staff. Generally we often have hosts with cleaners that have excess capacities. These are now able to connect through Smoobu and TurnoverBnB.

Additionally, we integrated during the Corona / Covid-19 crisis. TurnoverBnB supports their clients with advice and the right structures to have their homes safe for leisure and business travel. With that in mind, there is no better time than now to launch this integration.

Philipp, co-founder of Smoobu Channel Manager:
“Collecting each piece of information, having them in one place, managing and scheduling tasks are nowadays vacation rentals owners best friends: saving time is the key to run a successful business, and all that time saved is precious for it can and must be put to a better use, such as making daily improvements and focusing on the overall welfare of the whole concept of being a host. TurnoverBnB and Smoobu integrate perfectly “.

TurnoverBnB offers the following functionalities amongst others

These features add value to your Smoobu account and integrate perfectly with property management and channel management functions. For instance Cleaning / Staff Management with TurnoverBnB and Smoobu allows you to

ᐅ Cleaning and Staff Management with TurnoverBnB and Smoobu

Streamline Communication with cleaners
Storing all the information in one place makes it is easier to visualize and all important details about bookings with cleaners, among which the exact amount of time between one guest checking-out and the next guest checking-in, for instance.

Hands Free Management
Vacation rental owners and service providers can now be provided with hands-free management through our automated platform by scheduling turnovers based on the bookings received from all booking platforms.

Automated Booking Calendar
Vacation Rental calendars are automatically updated by integrating with Smoobu. As a result your cleaning staff will never miss a turnover because it is always up-to-date with all booking information.

Central Communication
No more text messages to be sent and missing phone calls: with a central communication through the TurnoverBnB platform you have the certainty that not a single detail is left behind. Adding to Smoobu’s communication tool TurnoverBnB also allows you to send SMS to make sure your cleaning staff receives relevant info without having to check apps that may sometimes come across overwhelming to less tech savvy staff.

Marketplace for Local Cleaners
TurnoverBnB has many partnerships with the best vacation rental cleaners in each market and connects them to vacation rental owners through its marketplace. You have a cleaning service. Sign up with them now and use TurnoverBnB as management and sales tool to other property managers

Automatic Payments
Loving the way you can handle payments with your clients though Smoobu and platforms? TurnoverBnB allows you to use automatic payments on the platform to pay cleaning staff as soon as they complete a job and then keep track record of all the completed jobs and payments.

Pricing – How much does TurnoverBnB cost?

Managing one property with TurnoverBnB is absolutely free of charge for you. So why hesitate, go ahead, test and integrate with Smoobu.

Therefore if you have more than one property, pricing is $ 6 / month per property. With annual billing you save 25%.  There is a 14-Day Trial for you to test run the system and also the integration with Smoobu, no credit card required.

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14-day free trial

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