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Automatic Communication

Communicate with guests, personnel or anyone else

Make communication easy. With Smoobu you can send messages based on triggers such as booking, arrival or departure.

All your messages in one place

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Communicate with your guests from one central place rather that logging into your different portals. Inbound and outbound messaging the easy way. Use our mailing tool or chat with your guests. Messages are allocated to bookings. No more searching for messaging history.

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For your guests: booking confirmations and more

You want to send booking confirmations automatically without going into your different booking portals. You want to send an e-mail, for example two days before arrival or even 5 days after departure. Create unlimited templates and take you communication with guests to a next level

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Online Checkin

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Reminders: Send yourself or your co-workers reminders

Your co-workers need to be informed about what is happening in your rentals?! You own an agency and want to send owners information about new bookings? Look no futher.

Service personnel: automatically inform your cleaners about arrivals or new bookings

Often many different people are involved in managing an apartment. Make your life easier by sending everybody information about certain events. You always have the choice to automatically send messages to your guests, to yourself or any other e-mail address. You can integrate all booking information by adding placeholders that are then automatically filled.

You can also add pictures or payment links. The possibilities of our communication tool are limitless.

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