Opening Automated Doors Without Wifi With Igloohome And Smoobu Channel Manager 6

Opening automated doors without Wifi with Igloohome and Smoobu channel manager

This article focuses on Smoobu channel manager newest integration with Igloohome. Igloohome is a WiFi-free automated door opening system that offers intelligent access solutions with last generation technologies. Igloohome covers a wide range of products to help vacation rental owners…

Cleaning And Staff Management With Turnoverbnb And Smoobu 5

Cleaning and Staff Management with TurnoverBnB and Smoobu

Introduction to TurnoverBnB Cleaning and Staff Management with Smoobu TurnoverBnB is a platform designed for both vacation rental owners and service providers to join forces and unite under one platform with all the tools they need to have a perfect…

Prepare Your Holiday Rental For Business Tourism 12

Prepare your holiday rental for business tourism

Updating your holiday rentals to accept business tourism bookings.   Traveling the world for pleasure may not be on the cards just yet, however work-related travel will be on the rise soon . In this article we show you how…

Covid 19 Financial Support Initiatives An Overview 7

COVID-19 & Financial Support Initiatives: An Overview

Not more than a couple of months have passed since the day we received the very first news about the outbreak of Corona virus and we are now more than aware of the fact that its consequences are going to…

Our New Smartlock Partner Nuki Product Range For Your Holiday Vacation Rental 8

Our new smartlock partner Nuki – Product Range for your holiday / vacation rental

Thanks to Nuki’s open API, vacation rental management software providers can now integrate the features of the Nuki Smart Lock into their software offering their customers even more convenience. Hosts and property managers benefit from the extensive advantages of Smoobu…