How To Prepare Your Vacation Rental In The Quarantine Downtime 9

How to prepare your Vacation Rental in the quarantine downtime

So our regular lives have changed so much recently, both personally and professionally. We have had to stop our plans, travel and ultimately our daily lives. However, this doesn’t mean that our desire to travel has disappeared, but just that…

Holiday Apartments And The Impact Of Covid 19 Statement From Our Founders Philipp And Fabian 11

Holiday apartments and the impact of COVID-19 – Statement from our founders Philipp and Fabian

The current situation for holiday rental companies in response to COVID-19 So no one could anticipate this happening. Smoobu and the entire tourism industry have arrived at one of our most challenging stages in our sector. We have all seen…

Task Management Tool Vr Scheduler Now Integrated With Smoobu Vr

Task management Tool VR Scheduler now Integrated with Smoobu

We are adding VR Scheduler to our list of third party integrations. A great add on for all Smoobu users out there who can now benefit from a broader range of features through which they will be able to rock…

Integrate Smoobu Calendar And Booking Tool On Facebook A

Integrate Smoobu calendar and booking tool on Facebook

We often got the request if it is possible to integrate our tools into Facebook fan pages. This is comparatively easy to do. When you implement this guide, visitors to your fan page can both view your calendar and book…

Opening Automated Doors Without Wifi With Igloohome And Smoobu Channel Manager 6

New partnership: Igloohome and Smoobu Channel Manager

More and more hosts, as a result of technological development and less available time, are currently resorting to automatic door opening systems. And that’s why Smoobu is moving in this direction as well. Our goal is to facilitate hosts’ lives…