Airbnb Summer Release 2024

Airbnb Summer Release 2024: What is new for hosts?

On May 1st, Airbnb published it’s Summer Release 2024. In our blog post, you can discover which news features the booking portal has introduced for guests and vacation rental hosts like you.

Airbnb Summer Update 2024: What’s new?

1. New category: Icons

With the Summer Release 2024, Airbnb is introducing the new “Icons” category. Guests can book extraordinary experiences and, for example, spend a night in the Ferrari Museum or drift off in the “Up” house.

Airbnb Summer Release 2024: What is new for hosts?

2. New features for group trips

With the introduction of a new features for group trips, Airbnb is picking up on the trend towards vacations with friends or larger groups. According to Airbnb, more than 80 % of bookings on Airbnb are group trips. It is possible to create shared wish lists, specials chats with the group and send travel invitations to friends, etc.

Airbnb Summer Release 2024: What is new for hosts?

New upgrades for Airbnb hosts

Further upgrades for Airbnb hosts have also been released worldwide.

These include:

  • Improved earnings dashboard: The dashboard now offers additional insights such as occupancy rate, number of reservations, total nights booked and average length of stay.
  • Optimization of the photo tour: Since last year, Airbnb hosts have been able to create an AI-supported photo tour in the Listings tab. It is now also possible to edit the order of the images.
  • Switching between host and guest profiles in the app: As hosts also travel every now and then, it is now possible to switch between the guest and the host profile in the app.

All information about the Airbnb Summer Release 2024 can be found here.

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