Airbnb Summer Release 2023: 25 Upgrades for Hosts

ᐅ Airbnb Summer Release 2023: 25 Upgrades for Hosts

Airbnb just released its Summer Release 2023 in early May, introducing Airbnb Rooms, the Host Passport, and 25 new upgrades for hosts. Find out what new features Airbnb offers for hosts like you.

Airbnb Summer Release 2023: Airbnb Rooms & Host Passport

With Airbnb Rooms, the booking platform gives an all-new take on private rooms. Indeed a new category Rooms has been created and redesigned search filters that make it easier for guests to discover private rooms. With Airbnb Rooms, guests should also get to know the host better and feel more like friends than guests, a way of coming back to the essential nature of Airbnb in its origin.

To help guests get a good idea of their host before booking and get to know them better, Airbnb has developed the Host Passport, which appears in the bottom left corner of the listing. A nice way to discover more about you!

Airbnb Summer Release 2023: 25 Upgrades for Hosts

Airbnb has also unveiled 25 new features for hosts based on feedback from hosts and guests. Check them out in our overview:


  • Pricing and availability settings
  • Price breakdown
  • See total price
  • Weekly and monthly discounts
  • Compare similar listings


  • Yearly calendar view on mobile
  • Swipe-to-select dates
  • Pricing and availability settings

Guest communication

  • Built-in checkout instructions
  • Inbox read receipts
  • Customer checkout details
  • Automatic checkout info
  • One-tab checkout notifications
  • Quick replies for checkout

Bookings & Listings

  • Compare similar listings
  • Worldwide reservation screening
  • Review highlights for Rooms Hosts


  • Fun facts in the profile
  • Hosts interests
  • Early Access
  • Host travel history


  • Simpler Co-Host Invitations
  • New Co-Host Invitations
  • New Co-Host permissions
  • New Co-Host payouts
  • Co-Host Tab


  • More detailed guest profiles
  • Host travel history
  • Identity verification of  guests

You can find all the info about Airbnb Summer Update 2023 here.

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