6 travel trends for 2024 revealed by Booking.com

ᐅ 6 travel trends for 2024 revealed by Booking.com

As it does every year, Booking.com unveils its 2024 travel trends. As a vacation rental host, what can you expect? Discover the 2024 trends and prepare your vacation rental accordingly.

Booking unveils its 2024 travel predictions

2023 is coming to an end, but let’s head for 2024! To help you prepare successfully for the New Year, Booking.com shares the results of its “Travel Trends 2024” study. The booking site polled 27,730 travelers from 33 countries and territories for its 2024 edition of the survey. What can you expect in the travel industry for 2024? Smoobu has selected 6 key trends. Find out!

6 travel trends for 2024 revealed by Booking.com

Diverse travel desires

Relaxation. Just over two thirds of respondents indicated that they would like to rest and recharge their batteries in 2024. As owners and managers of short term and vacation rentals, you should put the emphasis on a comfortable, well-equipped vacation rental for your travelers. You’ll also find inspiration in our article “How to prepare.your vacation rental for spa and wellness” in order to offer relaxation and happiness to your guests.

Recenter. Almost a quarter of North Americans say that their main priority for travel in 2024 is to deepen their connection with themselves. This could be the perfect opportunity to highlight the benefits of digital detox and show how your rental is the ideal candidate? 70% of Americans like the anonymity of travel. Do you offer autonomous arrival in your vacation rental?

Water-centric vacations. Once again, vacations near water are on a roll. In fact, 65% say they feel more relaxed when they’re close to water. Whether it’s the sea, the ocean or a lake, highlight the element of water in your vacation rental listing to seduce your future guests. It’s also an opportunity to offer additional services such as paddleboat rentals, etc., to boost your income.

The surprise. Another interesting statistic: 52% want to book a surprise trip. This could be an interesting opportunity for you if you set up last-minute offers to fill your booking calendar. 69% are flexible when it comes to their trip, want loose plans and to adjust it according to their wishes. This will lead to more spontaneous travel plans and last-minute bookings.

Travel off the beaten track. More than half (56%) are interested in less touristy places.

3, 2, 1, action! Did you know that 64% of Americans feel like the “main character” when they travel?

Relationship enhanced

Love and partnerships. More than a third would carve out time for a matchmaking holiday and 24% aim to deepen their connection with their partner when traveling next year. Is your vacation rental ready to welcome couple? By the way, did you know about the Travel Proud program from Booking.com?

35% would focus on a heartbreak holiday to get over an ex. Be sure to offer the best entertaining equipment in your vacation rental.

Travel alone. Another interesting fact for owners of small properties: 59% want to travel solo over the next 12 months. Tiny houses and studios are sure to please these guests! Regarding family, 58% of parents plan to travel alone during 2024.

Gastronomy in the spotlight

Foodie travelers are playing the culinary experience card. Indeed, holidays are an opportunity to enjoy fresh regional flavors and taste local specialties for 78%. The Booking.com study reveals that 61% of those surveyed are more interested in learning about the origins of local gastronomic specialities than ever before.

This is a great opportunity to highlight your region’s gastronomic assets in your listings, share your best dining experience in your Guest Guide and share your knowledge with gastronomic explorers. Food & wine tourism is on a roll!

When tech comes on the plate: 57% of American travelers want an immersive food experience enhanced by VR or AR.

If you offer additional premium services, note that over a quarter of those surveyed (27%) % are willing to pay for a personal chef. Maybe you don’t have a chef’s hat, but you can still prepare delicious breakfasts for your guests?

A controlled budget

In the current economic climate, 62% of travelers say that the rising cost of living won’t tip the balance so much when planning trips for 2024. On the other hand, 62% will be keeping an eye on possible promotions to save money. Speaking of savings, half of those surveyed would choose to travel in 2024 to a country where the cost of living is lower than in their home country.

As for families, almost half (47%) plan to travel with their children out of season to take advantage of more affordable prices. For you, as hosts or owners of vacation rentals, this is a great way to secure potential bookings in the off-peak times.

Think about using a dynamic pricing tool to always offer your vacation rental at the right price.

Pets on vacation

58% of American travelers who are pet owners plan to take their pets with them to save money. After all, hiring a dog sitter entails extra costs, and pets are entitled to a vacation too, aren’t they?
What’s more, accepting pets in your short-term rental gives you a competitive edge. In fact, your rental will be accessible via the rental platform’s filters, so you’ll be in the spotlight.

Sustainability in action and authentic experiences

Environmental issues and energy savings are at the heart of discussions on more sustainable tourism, and it’s an aspect that travelers want to keep an eye on. In fact, 64% of Americans surveyed are looking for a location that features innovative factors and focuses on a sustainable travel experience. In this respect, Booking.com offers tourist establishments the opportunity to highlight their sustainable efforts and initiatives via sustainable travel establishment badges. Take the opportunity to discover the Booking.com report on sustainable tourism.

Another statistic to note: 47% of travelers are looking for authentic experiences and human connection with local communities in uncharted territory.

As you can see, the Booking.com 2024 travel trends are diverse and varied. They open up great prospects for developing and optimizing your vacation rental business to satisfy travelers and meet their new needs.

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