Preparing your vacation rental for couples

Discover how to target couples and seduce them with your vacation rental!

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Couples have the potential to make up a large part of your annual bookings as they often book one or two week stays as well as weekends. It is therefore important not to forget this target group and enhance your rental to suit couples. Discover our tips to attract couples to your vacation rental and make their stay unforgettable.

Couples, a target market for your vacation rental

What are their needs? All couples are different, but when they go on vacation, they all tend to have the same needs: to get together, to experience things together and to share good times together, regardless of their age group. In any case, you should provide them with nice services and a charming and cozy vacation rental.

What is their budget? On the other hand, their purchasing power may differ. Indeed, a couple in their twenties will not necessarily have the same budget as a 40 year old couple or a senior couple. Thus, the spectrum of vacation rentals is wide for couples, ranging from a tight budget to those with high or even unlimited budgets.

When do they travel? Vacation rentals can be booked by couples for a weekend, or even a week or more. Their flexibility makes them interesting guests for different key moments of the year.

Preparing your vacation rental for couples ᐅ Guide

How to attract couples to your vacation rental?

Showcase the assets of your short-term rental.

Adding outstanding features to your vacation rental can make your listing stand out from the crowd and pique couples’ interest, and urge them to complete their booking!

So if you have a terrace with a breathtaking view, a balcony, a small garden or a Jacuzzi or sauna or even fitness equipment, think about displaying them prominently on your listings, on your website or on your social networks. Indeed, exceptional equipment can help you seduce your prospects and tip the balance in your direction.

Offer the right equipment

A well-equipped rental is the key to success. Indeed, by offering complete and quality equipment you will offer a positive experience to your future visitors. So don’t be cheap and be sure your rental doesn’t lack anything this way the couples who stay will spend a nice romantic vacation. Think about things such as:

  • A connected TV and possibly streaming services for romantic evenings or a rainy afternoon
  • A cozy sitting area with pillows, blankets and candles to create a romantic atmosphere
  • A kitchen with everything you need to prepare a dinner or simply share a glass of wine with tapas/cheese platters
  • All necessary linens: towels, hand towels, sheets and comforters
  • A well-equipped bathroom/shower with soaps/shampoos

Exploiting the assets of your region/city

As mentioned, couples sometimes want to get away for a weekend to get together and have a change of scenery. In order to attract them to your beautiful short term rental, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the different assets around your seasonal rental.

A rental in town
You can rely on the multiple assets of your beautiful city: good food, culture and architecture are some of the things that couples look for.

Indeed, during a couple’s stay, the desire for a nice meal will attract lots of couples. Coupled with these gustatory discoveries, the cultural assets of your city will also seduce your visitors: exceptional museums, exhibitions that everyone talks about, famous monuments etc.

A lot of couples are also after nightlife: rooftop bars, clubs, etc . Don’t hesitate to share your good addresses!

A rental in the countryside
In this case, you can rely on the nature, the tranquility and the well-being of your vacation home. Indeed, stays in the countryside inspire rest and relaxation, two assets that can seduce a working couple in the city in search of nature to recharge their batteries.

You can also highlight the walks or bike rides, farm visits, horseback riding activities, etc.

A seaside rental
Stays by the sea are invigorating. Indeed, the salt air is appreciated all year long. Walks by the sea are just as charming in spring as in winter when the wind sometimes blows hard.

Enjoying a scoop of ice cream or savoring a pancake in the middle of the afternoon and finishing your evening with fried mussels. So many delicacies that could seduce couples for a romantic weekend.

In addition to food, the seaside abounds in activities: horse or boat rides, kitesurfing, windsurfing, kite flying and not only! There are also markets and themed events.

Offer cross-selling services for couples’ vacations

Offering cross-selling/upselling services allows you as a short-term rental owner to boost your revenues. Plus, it allows you to offer an even more complete experience to your guests.

What can you offer for a romantic getaway?

  • A breakfast tray delivery, ideal for a romantic stay
  • A basket with a bottle of wine or champagne, accompanied by local snacks and chocolates for example
  • Bike rental

Surprise your guests with a welcome gift

Romantic trips are full of tenderness. So it may seem simple but surprising your guests with a delicate attention will make the difference. Indeed, by offering a small welcome gift to your guests you will boost their travel experience instantly.

Find on our blog some welcome gift ideas. Keep in mind that it is a delicate attention, you do not need to ruin yourself to mark the spirits.

To summarize: make your rental a great place for a couple’s vacation

  1. Stand out from the crowd with the facilities and assets of your short term rental
  2. Share your culinary, cultural and activity tips
  3. Surprise couples with attention upon arrival
  4. Offer additional services to develop your cross-selling
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