How to take advantage of business trips with your vacation rental?

Find out more about this target group and how to attract them.

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Among the different targets to whom you can propose your seasonal rental, you can target business tourism. Sometimes forgotten, these professionals can allow you to maximize your occupancy rate at strategic times of the year when tourists are less numerous. In this guide, you will find our advice on how to get the most out of your business!

Business trip: a sometimes forgotten target

Business travelers (the name given to professionals who travel and consume transportation, accommodation and catering) can be an interesting target for your short-term rental activity.

It must be said that business trips, although decreasing following the pandemic periods, are still relevant. Indeed, professionals from different industries always go to trade shows or exhibitions.

Knowing this, you can position your short-term rental as the ideal accommodation for business travelers and add a new source of booking requests.

What type of accommodation for business tourism?

It is obvious that not all vacation rentals will correspond to the main criteria of business tourism. In fact, the following will be preferred

  • Small surfaces
  • A location in an urban area: downtown, not far from train stations or exhibition centers
  • Good connections to public transportation

But these are not the only accommodations that can be targeted for a business trip. Indeed, for team-building or brainstorming activities, a larger property in an urban area or even a country house can also be considered.

How to take advantage of business trips with your vacation rental? ᐅ Guide

What are the benefits of business tourism for your vacation rental business?

As a vacation rental owner, there are a number of benefits to your business. Among them:

  • Business tourism can be a recurring source of rental income. Indeed, trade shows are often annual or bi-annual. Therefore, if your travel experience is satisfactory, you will have the opportunity to retain these professionals, or at least they can share their positive experience with their colleagues.
  • Easy tenants: indeed, the professionals will be only very few in your seasonal rental because of the time amplitude of the shows and the little free time that they will have.
  • The rental is taken care of by the company. Therefore, the payment is not a problem as well as the price as long as it is coherent.
  • Business tourism can allow you to fill your calendar. Indeed, since these trips are mostly done during the week, it can allow you to capitalize on the so-called off-peak periods.

How to meet the needs of professionals in your vacation rental for a business trip?

You must keep in mind that business tourism is governed by different parameters. These travelers are in your locality for different events: trade shows, seminars, training or to meet customers. To reach this target, you will have to :

  • Accept short stays: 1 or 2 nights for example
  • Offer key facilities to make their stay pleasant and give them a “home away from home” feeling, different from the often classic hotel feel.
  • Offer arrival/departure flexibility to your business travelers: independent arrival to meet their needs (late arrivals, early departures)
  • Offer additional services: taxi reservations, shuttle services, etc.

What are the key facilities for business travelers?

To make your short-term rental a business travel destination, you will need to offer a number of essential amenities. In addition to the standard facilities, consider

  • Setting up an office corner: ergonomic desk, office chair, fast wifi, notepad, pens, cables and adapters, printer. All the elements that you may already have if you have set up your apartment for telecommuting
  • Offer a moment of relaxation: equipment for cooking or reheating food, a coffee/tea maker available, coffee and tea, a television etc.
  • Provide bathroom facilities: shower gel and shampoo, towels, hair dryer
  • Provide various equipment: hangers and an iron. Things tend to get wrinkled when traveling

Travelers on a business trip may not have the time or inclination to go to the supermarket to buy these essentials. So by putting everything at their disposal, you’ll make their lives easier.

In summary: How to attract business travelers?

  1. Offer a well-equipped and comfortable rental
  2. You will be an ideal option if your rental is located in an urban area
  3. Open your calendar to short stays
  4. Update your listings on Airbnb, VRBO and with your business traveler-friendly amenities and location
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