Attract regular guests for your vacation rental

Here's what you can do to keep your guests coming back.

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Would you like to have regular guests who regularly stay at your vacation rental? Regular guests are not only good for the occupancy of your vacation rental, they are often easier for you as the host to plan for and manage. They also like to book directly on your own website, if you offer this is a possibility.

With Smoobu you can create your own website with just few clicks or integrate a Booking System into an existing website. This way your guests can book easily, and you don’t have to pay commission to booking platforms.

These are several of the advantages that come with regular guests

  • Direct bookings without commission
  • Good capacity utilization and planning
  • Positive reviews and recommendations
  • Guests become friends!

How to attract returning guests to your vacation home

Here’s what you can do as a vacation rental owner turn your guests into regulars:

Practical and beautiful furnishings

The most important thing when it comes to attracting regular guests is a convincing vacation rental. The furnishings within it must be just as appealing as they are functional, so that your guests feel comfortable while staying with you. Only if they have good memories of their stay in your vacation rental, they will want to come back.

Smooth guest communication

Equally important is efficient communication with guests. Respond quickly to any questions, even if you don’t always have an immediate solution to every problem. If your guests feel they well looked after, they will be happy to book again. Stay in touch with them even after they leave and inform former guests about special offers and send season’s greetings at the holidays.

Tip: With Smoobu, you can automate a lot of guest communication. For example, you can create templates to answer common questions and send booking confirmations, check in instructions and more etc. automatically.

Discounts for regular guests

Even if your guests have enjoyed their stay in your vacation rental, they may be unsure whether they want to come back. You can often convince these guests with discounts, for example a 10% discount for returning visitors.

How to attract repeat guests to your vacation rental ᐅ Guide

Specialize in one target group

Disabled guests / seniors

Elderly travelers with special needs and guests with disabilities often have difficulties finding suitable accommodations. For example, they need to be sure that the vacation home is barrier-free or meets other needs.

If they suddenly notice upon arrival that there are steps in the entrance area, this pose a serious challenge for some. If the guests already know all about your vacation accommodation, they can be sure that it is barrier-free. It is also important that these guests know that you, as their host, are always there for them if they have any problems. This gives them security and they will gladly come back time after time.

Families with small children

Families with children also prefer not to take any risks on vacation. Being able to access your rental with a stroller, providing kids toys, etc. can go a long way to easing parent’s stress. If properly advertised, parents can get a good idea of what to expect. Therefore, if they like your rental, they are likely to book an accommodation again if they liked it.

Active vacationers, visitors to trade fairs, etc.

If your vacation home is in an area where guests come back regularly, for example to go skiing or to attend an annual trade show, you can make easily turn them into regular guests. Here you can not only score points with good service, but also think about discounts and special combined offers (shuttle service, ski rental, etc.).

Professional tricks

Now we’ll tell you three more tricks to get your guests to book:

Build a good relationship with your guests

Your guests will come back not only because of the renal, but also because of you (the host). Therefore, it is important that you build a good relationship with your guests. Since everyone is different and has different needs, there are different ways to do this. Think about what suits you best as a host. Why should a guest book with you again? Because you have the best local tips and advice? Because your service is excellent? Because your guests can trust you?

Marketing trick: Scarcity

Shortly after their stay, ask your guests if they already know when they’ll be back. Make them aware of what they might miss. Point out that your vacation rental is very popular and they better book early. Otherwise, there might not be anything available.

Unbeatable value for money

Your vacation rental is simply a bargain! At the same time, make sure it’s still economically worthwhile for you. Here you will find helpful tips for pricing your vacation home.


When it comes to attracting regular guests to your vacation accommodation, the same rule always applies: first impressions matter! Only if your guests enjoyed their first stay with you, they would want to book again. Make sure that their stay with you is just as nice as they expect and even surprise them with something extra.

Build a personal relationship with guests and stay in touch even after they leave. Offer discounts or other special promos to your regular guests because they are the VIPs among your guests. And make sure they know that!

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