The Essential Equipment for your Vacation Rental

Equiping your vacation home with the perfect furnishing and elements can make the difference!

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In our guide for landlords, you’ll learn everything you need to consider when furnishing vacation rentals. That way, you’ll keep your guests happy and get positive reviews. Also remember to list the amenities in your ads on Airbnb,, Vrbo, etc. Many potential guests filter specifically for features that are important to them such as pool, accessibility, parking, etc.

What amenities does a vacation rental need?

Quality & Style

The furnishings of your vacation home should be functional, but it’s important they don’t look cheap. Go for good quality and you will save money in the long run. Don’t go for a mix of furniture, unless there is a design concept behind it.

When it comes to style, choose something that matches the architecture of your vacation home. However, it is better not to go for eccentric furniture, because it is not to everyone’s taste. Instead, choose a light, unobtrusive style. In addition, you should regularly check your furniture and repair or replace worn furniture. When choosing low-maintenance furnishings, it becomes easier to cut cleaning costs off.


The size and equipment of your kitchen depends on the type of accommodation, the location and, above all, the target group you want to address. Every accommodation should contain at least a small kitchenette. Especially for those ones in large cities, which are mainly used for city trips, this is usually sufficient for your visitors. However, if you are renting out a detached vacation home and you are targeting larger groups or families, you should invest in a fully equipped kitchen. This includes high-quality pots and pans, sufficient plates, glasses and cutlery. A dishwasher and a microwave are also alwaya welcome.

Tip: If you are targeting families with children with your vacation rental, your equipment should also include children’s dishes, cutlery, etc.


Your guests want to rest and relax during their vacation, so a high-quality, comfortable bed is essential. Particularly practical are separable beds that can easily be converted from a double to a single bed. A sofa bed is also helpful, as you can quickly and easily convert it into an additional sleeping accommodation. Many guests specifically look for king-size beds because they want something special during their vacation. Some people need absolute darkness to sleep. So make sure your vacation rental is equipped with opaque curtains, blinds or other blackout options. This also applies to children’s rooms, as children also sleep during the day or go to bed earlier.

Living room

For the living room you need a comfortable couch and a table with enough space for all guests. A flat-screen TV is now part of the basic equipment. Ideally, you should provide an Internet-enabled smart TV, which your guests can also use to access streaming services such as Netflix & Co. They’ll thank you for it, especially when the weather’s bad.

Tip: Make sure that the furnishings of your vacation home are suitable for the maximum number of guests. If you can accommodate up to six guests, you should also provide six chairs, six place settings, six beds, etc. and enough seating in the living room.

The Essential Equipment for your Vacation Rental ᐅ Guide


Workspace for home office / workation

More and more guests are opting for workation: a mix of vacation and home office. For this, they need a workspace in the vacation home – ideally a desk and an adjustable office chair. Most important, however, is a fast and stable Internet connection, including WLAN, via which several guests can participate in video calls, etc. at the same time.

Outdoor area

Garden & Terrace

Many guests do not have their own garden or balcony at home and deliberately book accommodation where they can enjoy this luxury, at least during their vacation. They want to sit outside in the evening and enjoy the terrace or balcony. Therefore, you should definitely provide appropriate furniture for your outdoor area: Garden furniture, sun loungers and protection from the sun in the form of awnings or parasols. Also think about outdoor lighting in different brightness levels. Your guests will also be happy to have a place for barbecue.


Especially in southern countries your guests will be happy about a pool. Make sure that it is cleaned regularly and provide sunbeds and umbrellas.

Parking facilities

Guests who arrive by car will also appreciate free parking. They are happy if they don’t have to search for a parking space for ages after a long journey in a foreign city. Also think about a charging option for e-cars.

Is upscale furnishings worth it?

Cheap and worn-out furniture is a no-go in any vacation home. If you deliberately go for high-end luxury furnishings, you’ll have higher expenses to begin with, but you’ll also be able to increase your price per night.

The equipment of the bathroom

The equipment of your bathroom should correspond to the standard of your accommodation. In a luxury accommodation, your guests will expect toiletries, hairdryer, high quality towels, etc. If you are renting a simple cabin, you can ask your guests to bring their own towels. Remember to inform your guests about this before they arrive. You can also offer towels for rent as an additional service for an extra charge. You can do this, for example, via a digital guest folder.

What is special about your vacation apartment

When planning your rental business, you have probably already thought about what makes your property special. If your vacation rental has something that sets it apart from the rest, then your listings will be clicked on more often and your vacation rental will be booked more often.

This certain extra can be a special location directly on the beach, a sensational view or even part of the equipment such as an open fireplace, a sauna or an infinity pool. But even with smaller purchases you can score with your guests and invest, for example, in a great coffee machine or a sandbox including buckets and shovels.

Surprise your guests with small attentions, which they did not expect at all and thus ensure a pleasant stay.

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