4 advantages of installing wifi in vacation rentals

ᐅ 4 advantages of installing wifi in vacation rentals

The Internet is even invited on vacation! Indeed, internet and wifi have become indispensable in vacation rentals. Discover the many advantages that the Internet can have for your vacation rental and your reservations.

4 advantages of installing wifi in your vacation rental

1. A better listing on booking platforms

According to Airbnb, wifi is one of the most sought-after amenities for guests, so it would be a shame to miss out on bookings because of a missing internet connection, right? Indeed, internet has become an essential tool in the perfect short term rental package and many guests are looking for wifi for their vacation.

2. Reach more potential guests with wifi

As mentioned, the internet allows guests to stay connected and continue their leisure or business activities. By installing wifi in your vacation rental, you will be able to satisfy and target these three target groups:

  • Domestic guests. They will be able to save their data and will be able to research activities in the area or watch a movie on a streaming platform.
  • International guests. They will appreciate being able to connect to the wifi in your vacation rental because they often don’t have internet on their phone. They will be able to organize their stay and their next visits as well as share photos and memories with their family or friends.
  • The active people in telecommuting. They have become more mobile and are looking for inspiring places with a stable and fast wifi connection to be able to telework in peace. Airbnb has launched a tool to test the speed of your internet connection, a decisive factor for digital nomads.

3. Make it easy to consult your Travel Guide.

With Smoobu, for example, you can create a digital welcome booklet to share all the essential information for your guests to have a pleasant stay. But you can also share your own recommendations: walks, restaurants, stores, atypical experiences, etc. By installing an internet connection, you will allow your travelers to consult your document easily.

4. Install wifi connected equipment

If you want to modernize and make your vacation rental smarter with connected objects, then you’ll need the internet. Check out our guide to turning your vacation rental into a smart home.

How to choose your internet provider?

You can turn to traditional internet providers. Don’t hesitate to consult an online comparator to find the best offer for your needs and at a reasonable price.

How to secure your connection and your wifi network ?

First of all you can add in your internal rules or your Guest Guide, a charter of Internet use or a clause of good conduct so that your guests are informed of the behavior expected during the use of your wifi network.

To secure your internet access, you can add a WPA2 (Wifi Protected Access) key. Internet access is then protected by a code.

By providing an Internet connection, you can see, as owners of a rental property, your responsibility engaged, as holder of the subscription. It is therefore important to secure your connection so that it is not used for illegal downloads (violation of intellectual property) or consultation of prohibited sites.

Customize your wifi network

Once your internet connection is installed, you can rename your wifi network. For example, you can rename it with the name you have given to your rental: Blue Lagoon Wifi, Beach cabin Wifi etc. This will allow your guests to find it more easily.

To facilitate the wifi access, you can generate a QR code that your guests can scan to access the internet. No more special characters and numbers combinations for your guests!

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