5 advantages of an Airbnb Lockbox for vacation rentals

ᐅ 5 advantages of an Airbnb Lockbox for vacation rentals

If you are looking for solutions to operate more efficiently and simplify the daily management of your vacation rental, then the Airbnb lockbox could be a new lever to activate. In this article, you will find a presentation of the key box, and its advantages for you as a host but also for your future travelers.

What is a secure airbnb lockbox?

Secure key boxes are devices that allow you to store the keys to your short term rental. These boxes are easy to install and allow travelers to manually enter a 4 digit combination to access a physical key. You can provide the code to your guests beforehand via your automated messages for example.

You can install your secure key box discreetly next to your front door, mount it on a door or on a wall and change the code between each stay or at least regularly.

How does a key box materialize?

As its name implies, this lock box takes the form of a box in which you can deposit your keys. In most cases, you will find on the front of this safe 4 cylindrical modules numbered from 0 to 9 allowing to display the access code and to open the container.

But the key box can also take the form of a padlock with still a manual code system or even a smart box version like Igloohome offers.

5 advantages of a secure airbnb key box

Installing a key box has many advantages for you as well as for your future vacationers.

1. Allow Airbnb guests to arrive autonomously

By installing a key box around your vacation home, cottage or apartment, you give your guests more flexibility. Indeed, key boxes give autonomy to your travelers and avoid stress of late arrivals.

It is true that when we go on vacation, we are never safe from a train or plane delay, or from being caught in traffic jams. Thus, by offering the possibility of autonomous arrival, you make the check-in process much easier for your guests, and for yourself by avoiding hours of waiting.

2. Offer a flexible check-in

As underlined below, by communicating the code of your box to your future travelers, you give them real flexibility and allow them to arrive at any time. Thus, your guests can start their holiday without pressure or stress.

3. Enhance the traveler experience

Some travelers will appreciate the freedom and time-saving benefits of self-service arrivals. They’ll look forward to the opportunity.

4. Generate more bookings with an Airbnb Lockbox

The autonomous arrival entices more and more travelers and can sometimes even be a deciding factor for booking. By offering this option, you could then see an increase in bookings.

5. Be more flexible with your Airbnb hosting

While you ideally always want to greet your guests in person to show them your rental, offer valuable advice, and humanize your business, you may not always be able to do so for various reasons.

The key box is then an excellent option to avoid losing a reservation, lowering your occupancy rate and losing revenue.

How to activate the self-catering option on Airbnb?

To activate the option of autonomous arrival on Airbnb via a key box, for example, you need to connect to your airbnb account and then :

  1. Click on the “Listings” section of your account
  2. Click on the listing you want to modify
  3. In the “Traveler Information” tab, scroll down to “Arrival“.
  4. Next to “Arrival Instructions“, click on “Edit”.
  5. Choose the option* that works best for you:
    1. secure lockbox
    2. Smart lock
    3. Digital lock
  6. Click on “Save“.

Alternative to the Airbnb Lockbox: Smart locks

Smart locks for vacation rentals are a more high-tech option but also more secure because the entry code is automatically generated and is unique for each reservation.

Some services even offer to open the doors with a fingerprint or a smartphone, thus offering a keyless entry and avoiding any unwanted entry.

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