Airbnb Self Check-in for vacation rental owners

This is how self check-in works to ensure a contactless arrival.

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Airbnb’s self check-in has become a popular solution among both guests and owners. Thanks to self check-in, guest arrivals become more secure, contactless and flexible for both hosts and travelers.

Smart solutions such as smart locks or key boxes, which allow guests to access the accommodation without the need for the owner to be present in person, have made this process incredibly easy. In this guide for short-term rental owners, you will learn about the benefits of self check-in on Airbnb and how our channel manager can help you.

What is Airbnb Self Check-in?

Airbnb Self Check-in offers guests the opportunity to enter the property on their own, without the host having to welcome them personally. Even though there is no personal contact, this option is very convenient for guests. For example, they do not have to worry if they arrive later than the agreed time. At the same time, the host is spared unnecessary waiting times.

Automated check-in was often used by many hosts even before the Covid 19 pandemic began. Tighter health regulations and the need for social distancing have made self check-in even more popular.

3 Advantages of Self Check-in on Airbnb

Self check-in offers many advantages, especially in terms of security. For travelers, self check-in is the perfect solution, but what are the benefits for you as a host?

No waiting times

One of the biggest benefits for vacation rental owners is the time savings. With self check-in, guests have access to the building or vacation rental at all times and no one has to be present upon guest arrival. So, for example, you don’t have to wait for your guests because their plane is delayed, or their plans change.

Easily manage multiple accommodations at the same time

Imagine it’s peak season and you’re managing multiple vacation rentals. Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? With Self Check-in this is not a problem, because you are able to receive multiple guests at once. You can be sure that everything will run smoothly, as you can easily check the arrivals from your smartphone.

Better reviews and better ranking on booking portals

Guests arriving independently will also avoid any potential conflicts or unpleasant encounters with guests. Also, your accommodation will be of interest to a larger group of guests if you advertise that your vacation home is equipped with a smart lock or lockbox. Many travelers will specifically filter by these criteria when searching and will find your listing easier that way.

Airbnb Self Check-In for Vacation Rental Owners ᐅ Guide

Tools for contactless arrival at your vacation accommodation

Enabling independent access to your property requires the installation of special devices to allow guests to open the door. In the following list, we present to you the most common solutions for access control for vacation rentals:

Intelligent locks / Smart locks

The electronic lock (smart lock) is the most popular tool for self-checkin in Airbnbs and other vacation rentals, as it is easy to install and offers high security.

Smart locks allow guests to open the house or apartment using an access code that is created individually for that guest. Security (the code is deactivated once the guest has checked out and peace of mind (there is no risk of losing the physical key) are  a few reasons why these are so popular. 

Self Check-in with Key Box / Airbnb Lockbox

Using a key safe is another way to enable automatic check-in. The lockbox can be installed at the entrance of the property and opened with a code. Of course you have to tell this code to the guest.

Keypad with code

Another way to enable independent arrival is to install a keypad at the entrance door. However, you must remember to change the combination of numbers for each guest.

Leave the key

Of course, you can also leave the key with a trusted person, such as the porter, to allow your guests to check in independently from you. Whether this is possible, however, depends on the location of your vacation home and the associated possibilities.

I already use self check-in in my Airbnb, what now?

If you already use one of these access systems for self check-in, all you need to do is inform your guests.

Note the self check-in option on your listing, booking confirmation, or arrival information. Also add the information to any digital guest guides. Also, be sure to the possibility of self check-in in the description of your vacation rental on Airbnb, so that guests who are specifically looking for it will find your vacation rental.

The optimal combination for vacation rental: Self Check-in + Channel Manager

Automated processes like self check-in on Airbnb can seem complicated for vacation rental owners at first. But don’t worry, there is software that makes it easy to implement.

For example, with Smoobu, an incredibly useful channel manager, you can sync messages with your guests, including smart-lock pins and other automated check-in and check-out services. Additionally, Airbnb’s many settings are housed in Smoobu. Get an overview of all integration partners yourself and consider which services will be helpful for your short-term rental.

Don’t be afraid of new technology. They can take a lot of work off your hands and make managing your vacation rental easier for you. Self check-in is a great start. Check out our smart home guide to learn what else you can automate.

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