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As an owner or manager of a vacation rental, you may be looking for a solution to help you manage your listings on Airbnb? An Airbnb Channel Manager is the solution you need to centralize your bookings in one place, as well as to update your calendars in real time. In this guide, we will talk about what a channel manager is and what are the benefits of using one. We will also explain how Smoobu and Airbnb work together to make daily life easier for vacation rental owners, and how both help to grow their business.

What exactly is an Airbnb Channel Manager?

There isn’t a single Airbnb Channel Manager, but there are channel managers that connect to Airbnb and other booking portals. A channel manager is a solution that allows you to connect all your booking portals and manage all your bookings within a single place. As a result, all your upcoming stays are visible, whether they are from your own booking engine/website or via other booking portals such as

With a channel manager, you can also avoid double bookings, because as soon as a stay is booked on one portal, these dates automatically closed in real time on your other connected portals. This makes it much easier to manage your availability, not only saving you time, stress and frustration, but also improving your guest experience.

In short, a high-performance, efficient channel manager connects with Airbnb,, Vrbo and many other portals.

Why use a Channel Manager for Airbnb?

Typically, vacation rental owners and managers list their properties on at least two booking portals in addition to their own direct booking website. As a result, they have minimum three calendars available on different portals, which can be complicated to manage manually on a day-to-day basis.

There are several reasons to use a Channel Manager for your short-term rental:

Centralized booking management

With a high-performance channel manager for your Airbnb and other listings, you can view all your current and future bookings from a central dashboard. This means you can easily plan future bookings with your housekeeping teams. This will ensure you consistently deliver a 5-star experience to your guests.

A channel manager will enable you to monitor your comings and goings more effectively. Finally, you’ll have easy access to reservation management for your vacation rental!

Automatic availability synchronization

A channel manager connected to your listings on portals such as Airbnb and others enables you to ensure automatic real-time synchronization of your bookings / calendars. As a result, all your calendars are updated easily, automatically and in real time, taking a major mental burden off your shoulders.

Goodbye to double bookings

The benefit of a channel manager for your Airbnb listings and those on other points is to avoid double bookings. Indeed, thanks to the automatic synchronization of availability calendars upon receiving a new guest booking, you can say goodbye to manually syncing calendars. You will also avoid the dreaded overbooking, problems relocating guests and also having to cancel bookings that could tarnish your image and lower your ranking on vacation rental portals.

Reduced human error

By using a centralized reservation management tool, you can avoid many human errors. As we all know, a little oversight or error can happen very quickly, and the consequences can be disastrous for your business, especially guest traveler reviews and ratings are so important in the decision-making process of your future travelers.

Perhaps you currently update your calendars manually? With a Channel Manager, you don’t have to!

More time for yourself

A vacation rental management tool including a channel manager frees up your time, saves you from redundant tasks and stress, and of course optimizes your vacation rental and your business – and even helps you expand it!

Expand your business on Airbnb with a Channel Manager

If you only use Airbnb as a single point of connection with your future guests, you don’t necessarily may not have reason to subscribe to a Channel Manager package. On the other hand, if you have at listings on at least two booking portals (such as Airbnb and your own website), a Channel Manager can help you develop your business on Airbnb and in general. Why do you need one?

1. Distribute your listings more widely. You can promote your rental on Airbnb and other platforms without worrying about having to update your availability.

2. Enforce your pricing structure. Whether you have low or high season prices, for weekdays or weekends, you can set it all up easily.

3. Install your own booking engine on your website. This way you can also generate direct, commission-free bookings and increase your sales.

4. Centralize your communication. Communicate from a single platform with your travelers wherever they book.

5. Develop and automate your message templates. Put an end to redundant, time-consuming tasks. Customize your message templates to suit your traveler’s journey, and send them automatically at key moments.

6. Integrate numerous partner services to operate even more efficiently. A skilled channel manager will propose partner integrations with key market players to support you throughout your business: smart locks, housekeeping service, dynamic pricing and more.

7. Deliver a better customer experience. By offloading repetitive, error-prone tasks, you’ll deliver a better overall experience for your travelers: enhanced communication, hassle-free bookings, and you can even free up time to greet your travelers, for example.

Smoobu & Airbnb: a unique collaboration

For many years now, Smoobu and Airbnb have been working together to make it easy for vacation rental owners and managers to get the most out of both worlds.

In fact, Smoobu is recognized as an Airbnb Preferred Plus Software Partner 2023. This designation means that we work effectively with the booking site to offer our users key functionality for efficient property management.

Airbnb’s API integration with Smoobu enables our Channel Manager users to benefit from
multiple functionalities such as :

  • automatic, real-time synchronization of their reservation calendars
  • synchronization of your rates
  • send and receive messages
  • view and write traveler comments
  • cancel reservations
  • receive notifications for new bookings
  • seasonal and length of discounts
  • and more

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