Novasol guide vor vacation rental hosts

Find out in this guide how to register on the booking portal and more!

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In order to promote your vacation rental and increase your bookings, you may be looking to develop your points of contact with future travelers. Are you familiar with the Novasol portal for vacation rental owners? In this guide, you’ll find an introduction to the Novasol brand, how to create an account, the benefits of the platform and much more!

What is Novasol ?

Danish vacation rental booking portal Novasol was founded in 1968, over 55 years ago, and is part of the Awaze group. Since then, the brand has expanded across Europe while remaining true to its values: quality, service and credibility.
On Novasol booking portal, you’ll find many different types of rental properties, more than 90.000 properties in 36 countries and 6 million holidaymakers each year.

Discover tNovasol for vacation rental hosts

How do I create an account and get started on Novasol?

If you are a vacation rental owner and would like to rent out your property on Novasol, follow these steps:

1. Complete the contact form

First, you’ll need to fill in a brief contact form. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your current letting situation: rental via agency, you manage the property yourself, residential rental, construction/conversion in progress, you’re thinking of buying, you own an unrented property.
  • The postal code of your vacation rental
  • Location of property (country)

Then click on “Next”.

  • A new window will open, asking you to fill in the following information:•First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number

Then click on “Submit”.

An advisor will get back to you to find out more about your vacation rental and arrange an on-site meeting with one of their regional advisors.

2. Meet your Novasol local advisor
At this meeting, your Novasol advisor will offer you an individual assessment of your rental income potential, advice on rental management and help you find the most suitable solution.

3. Start renting out your vacation rental

Unlike other booking platforms, Novasol’s teams will create the listing for your vacation home. Reservations are also managed by their teams.
For your part, you can access your information from the Novasol Owner Space. Here you’ll find your reservations, key data and important documents.

How to log in on your Owner Space?

Once your account is created, you can log in easily by following this link. You would have to fill in your email address and your password.

Why register your vacation rental with Novasol?

Here are 3 reasons to register your vacation rental with Novasol.

Create a new point of contact

By multiplying your listings on different booking portals, you multiply your chances of receiving booking requests. As a result, the occupancy rate of your rental business should logically increase.
Benefit from the expertise of an established brand

With over 55 years’ experience, the Novasol brand is an established name in the vacation rental industry. You can capitalize on their reputation to develop your business and your revenues.

Access Novasol services

By registering your property with Novasol, you benefit from the brand’s services, including insurance, marketing campaigns and payment security. Owner assistance is also available if you have any questions.
What are the special features of Novasol?

Novasol’s special features include

  • Novasol takes full responsibility for managing reservations and your rental (check-in, check-out, cleaning).
  • You must offer your seasonal rental for a minimum of 12 weeks a year, including 6 during the high season (July-August).
  • Rentals normally run from Saturday to Saturday. However, with specific concepts, you can define shorter booking periods and optional arrival dates.
  • Your contract with the platform lasts for the current year (subscription year) and the following year.

Focus on Novasol rental ads

Discover the different features of a vacation rental ad published on Novasol.

Description and photos guaranteed by Novasol

Unlike Airbnb or, at Novasol you don’t have to create your rental listing yourself. A professional and expert team will write an attractive description of your property, list your assets and facilities, and a professional will come and take photos of your rental for an unparalleled rendering.
With this extra help, you can be sure of putting all the chances on your side to boost your occupancy rate!
In the blink of an eye, your Novasol listing will include :

  • Photos and floor plan of your rental
  • Added value: pets allowed or not, free choice of arrival day, long-stay options, etc.
  • A description of your property
  • Cancellation conditions
  • Rooms, equipment list, exterior, proximity
  • Guest reviews
  • Location on a map

Novasol classification

In addition to guest reviews, Novasol offers a classification of rentals from 1 to 5 stars to evaluate the comfort of the property. This classification is specific to Novasol and is based on their own criteria. Find out more about the classification below:

  • 1 star: very simple layout, no particular comforts. Suitable for summer vacations.
  • 2 stars: simple furnishings, simple, functional comfort.
  • 3 stars: traditional rental with standard equipment.
  • 4 stars: comfortable rentals with high standards and quality furnishings.
  • 5 stars: the most beautiful vacation rentals on the site, top-of-the-range with top-level furnishings.

How do payments work on Novasol?

Payment is an important aspect of your vacation rental business. Find the essential information below:

Novasol commissions

It’s important to note that Novasol does not work on a commission basis but instead contracts a net price with the owner of the accommodation.
Based on the type of rental, destination, contents and many other factors, this price is upgraded and the output sales price is obtained. You could discuss further on the price during your meeting with your advisor.

Your payments by Novasol

Novasol makes its payments to hosts by bank transfer. You will receive the rent directly into your account via bank transfer. The transfer takes place in the month before arrival if the guests’ booking is received by the 20th of the month.
The payment received corresponds to the payment for the current month. In the event of cancellation by a customer 20 days before their arrival date, Novasol will pay you the amount of the expected reservation.

How can I contact Novasol customer service?

Novasol support can be accessed via various channels to meet the different needs of users.<

Contact Novasol by phone

Novasol teams are available by phone from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 3pm at the following number: +45 39143900. Their office is closed on the weekends.

Contact Novasol by chat

You can also contact Novasol by chat. After filtering your request, the bot will put you in touch with a member of the team.

Using the Smoobu Channel Manager with Novasol

If you decide as a rental owner to advertise your vacation rental on Novasol, you can of course use the Smoobu Channel Manager via a 2-way iiCal connection.

With Smoobu, you can synchronize all your connected booking calendars with our Channel Manager and manage bookings from a single view. What’s more, all your calendars will be kept up to date automatically, so you won’t have to worry about double bookings, for example!
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