7 tips for AirBnb hosts

ᐅ 7 tips for Airbnb hosts you should know about

Here are 7 practical and easy tips that will help you improve your guest experience and be a better AirBnb host.

Do you want to improve the traveler experience to achieve greater guest satisfaction and guarantee higher ratings on your listing? Then follow this practical guide and discover how to improve your AirBnb itself and even the reputation of your vacation rental.

Arrival of your guests: How to better welcome them?

There are so many vacation rentals on the market. It is important to know how to stand out and to score points with travelers to get a head start on the competition.

It is not just about offering a pleasant and functional rental. To really make a difference, every detail must be looked after. There are plenty of small things you can improve on to increase satisfaction amongst travelers in your short-term rental. Discover them here!

Be honest in your listing

Your ad on rental platforms is often how travelers find you. This is your first point of “contact” with your future travelers. In your listing, you will have to be clear and consistent with the specificities of your property. Moreover, it is important to add high quality or even professional photos. Do not oversell, hide defects or untimely noises, otherwise you will disappoint your travelers. tarnish their arrival in an accommodation as it will not live up to what was in your listing and traveler’s expectations.

In our guide, you will find valuable advice on how to write an effective short-term rental ad.

Establish sort of reception and communicate clearly

The arrival of travelers at their vacation rental or work location in the case of workation is not to be overlooked. If you have already had a few guests, you already know what your weaknesses are and what needs to be improved. Learning by doing, am I right?

To offer a warm welcome for travelers, you need to be clear on several points:

  • Expected arrival and departure times
  • Last minute changes: delays, last minute questions and more, require you to respond to guests accordingly in real time
  • Autonomous arrival: Clearly communicate how to enter the accommodation: key box code, smart lock code etc.
  • Offer guests a welcome gift

Small gestures are always well received by guests. You can offer a little something to your travelers that represents your rental or highlights your personality. For example:

  • A bottle of local freshly squeezed fruit juice or a basket of seasonal fruits
  • Regional gourmet goods
  • A bottle of wine, cider, or champagne
  • A coupon code to use at one of your favorite local shops

On the one hand you will offer a warm welcome and on the other hand your gift will benefit the local economy as a form of sustainable tourism.

Write a welcome message

If you are not there to welcome your guest, you can surprise them by leaving them a handwritten note. This way, travelers will feel welcomed and will provide them a personalized and unique experience. This simple gesture will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

The welcome message doesn’t need to be long; you can simply write:

“Hello Guest X,

Welcome to our little oasis of softness and happiness. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything. We wish you a nice stay!


Equip your home properly

Nothing is more annoying for travelers than if short term rentals are under-equipped. Travelers don’t ask for much usually, but they do expect a minimum: linens, towels, coffee maker, kettle, soap, etc. The better you equip your accommodation, the more it will be noticed.

You can find in our guide the essential equipment for short term rentals.

Offer a Traveler’s Guide / Welcome Booklet

To score points with your travelers and welcome them with all the necessary information, create of digital Guest Guide. This digital communication tool will make the difference and will allow you to share all the essential information you deem useful for the smooth running of your travelers’ stay:

  • House rules that include things such as arrival and departure instructions, smoking areas, rules regarding trash, etc.
  • Your local recommendations: restaurants, cafés, stores, grocery stores, etc.
  • Must-see places: museums, walks, theaters, etc. Share your favorites!
  • Local events
  • Emergency numbers and important addresses: pharmacies, hospitals, etc.
  • Your story, who you are, history of the place etc.
  • Additional information that you find useful…

Adapting to international travelers

Millions of international travelers visit the US every year. Many of them opt for an Airbnb or a vacation rental. Adapting your communication to international travelers will be noticed.

A Channel Manager like Smoobu for example allows you to automate your communication (booking confirmation, sending information etc.) in several languages. Just like the Guest Guide with its integrated translation tool. This way, you will offer your travelers excellent communication in their own language and will certainly receive positive feedback.

Objective: Improve your Airbnb

These tips previously discussed are easily completed and will allow you to offer a better experience for your guest. You will get better ratings, which will make your rental rise in the results of the booking platforms. This will make it easier for you to reach potential travelers, your bookings will increase as well as your revenues.

Take advantage of this opportunity to test the Smoobu Channel Manager, strengthen your rental management in a few clicks and develop your rental business even more.

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