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Get your property Proud Certified and offer your travelers a more inclusive travel experience

Click here to view all our guides » has launched the Travel Proud initiative, a training program for its partners that aims to make the travel experience more inclusive for all. Find out how to take this online training and give your travelers a more inclusive experience on their next vacation.

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Research from the platform reveals that more than half of LGBTQ+ travelers have experienced a less than warm welcome or unpleasant situation while staying at a vacation rental. It’s time to change that and provide all travelers with a positive and inclusive travel experience!

To address this situation, have launched the Travel Proud program, an online training course taught by two professionals from HospitableMe, a global strategy and education company specializing in inclusivity.

The Proud Hospitality training is 1.5 hours long and will help you meet the requirements in order to be Proud Certified. By being Proud Certified, you are certified of providing inclusive services to all your guests.

This training will also help you and your vacation rental to be more inclusive and welcoming.

How do I register for the Travel Proud training?

You can register for the Travel Proud training online for free. You will need to fill out a short form with the following information: first name, last name, email address, company name, job title, country and a comment field if needed.

Find out about upcoming online sessions.

How to get the Proud Certified certificate for your vacation rental?

By following the 3 steps below, you can become Proud Certified:

  1. Take the Proud Hospitality online training: at least 1 person from your team must participate in this training. This person will become your Proud Certified representative.
  2. Commit to applying what you have learned and identifying ways your team can provide an inclusive experience for your customers.
  3. Make the Travel Proud Guide available to front-line staff in your facility

Once the training is complete and the form is signed, your commitment to inclusive hospitality will be featured as a special banner on your property’s listing. This visual highlights an inclusive and caring traveler experience at your location.

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