What is the Booking.com Extranet for vacation rental hosts?

This is how you use the Booking.com partner management area.

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In this guide for vacation rental hosts, you’ll learn what the Booking.com Extranet is, how to sign up, and how to use it when renting out your vacation rental.

What is the Booking.com Extranet?

The Extranet is the administration area for hosts (or partners) who use Booking.com. Within it, one can edit listings, create offers, manage your bookings and much more.

Extranet Login

First you must log in on the extranet login page. To do this, use the username and password you set when you created your host account on Booking.com.

If you don’t remember your credentials, you can have your credentials reset. You will then receive a message to the email address you specified when first you created your account.

Manage advertisements & create offers

After you have logged into the extranet, you can edit the information on your accommodation page. For example, you can adjust the prices and payment options of your vacation rental or update the photos and descriptions. You can also create special offers.

Manage & evaluate bookings

All your past and future bookings are listed in the extranet. This give you and an overview of the occupancy of your accommodation.

Pro tip: If you want to compare the occupancy of your vacation rental on the different booking portals and use Smoobu as your channel manager, you can do this via the statistics section in Smoobu.

Guest communication

Through the Booking.com extranet you can manage the communication with guests who have booked your accommodation through Booking.com. Here you can manage messages, create templates for recurring events, and more.

Tip: If you want to simplify and automate your guest communication and centrally view and edit messages across multiple booking platforms, you can do so via Cockpit page in Smoobu.

Extranet Inbox

Booking.com keeps you informed about news, important information and more via the extranet inbox. If you have any questions, you can also ask them.

Additional accounts for additional persons

If you work with family members, friends, or business partners to manage your vacation rental, you can create additional user accounts in the extranet so that others can also manage the accommodation.

If the collaborators already have their own extranet account, they will be given access rights to your accommodation. People who don’t have a Booking.com user account yet will receive an invitation by email to register.

Login with new device

Of course, the extranet login also works with your smartphone or tablet, even though you registered with a PC. However, you must enter a 6-digit code every time you want to use a new device.

This confirmation code will be sent to you by SMS or by an automatic call. Booking.com requires this additional confirmation to ensure that your account is not used by unauthorized people. Alternatively, you can confirm the account using the Pulse app.


The Booking.com extranet allows you to manage information about your vacation rental, view bookings, and add additional management accounts. If you also offer your accommodation on other booking portals such as Airbnb or VRBO, we recommend a channel manager.

With it you can avoid double bookings, control, and automate your guest communication, break down the occupancy of your accommodation by portals and much more. As a Booking.com Connectivity Partner, Smoobu is ideally suited for this.

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