How to prepare your vacation rental for wellness vacations

How to prepare your vacation rental for wellness vacations

Many guests are looking to relax their body and soul during their vacation. In this blog post, you will find out how to turn your vacation rental into a wellness paradise.

What is wellness?

Wellness is a holistic concept that goes far beyond physical relaxation. It also includes mental well-being, because the goal is not only physical relaxation, but also mental balance. For this reason, wellness offers also include activities such as yoga, meditation and spa treatments.

Advantages of a sauna or whirlpool in your rental

You will probably only be able to provide an extensive wellness area if you own a complex with several vacation rentals. Even then, if you only rent out a single property, you can install a hot up or a private sauna. This way you create a pleasant atmosphere where your guests can relax and get away from it all.

In addition, a wellness area in your own vacation rental has the advantage that the guest does not have to leave the property. This means less stress during their vacation.

Cooperation with regional wellness providers

If your vacation rental is located in a spa region or similar, you should think about a cooperation with a spa or spa facilities in the vicinity. Maybe even negotiate with them to provide your guests a slight discount!

You can provide the following equipment for wellness vacations

How to prepare your vacation rental for wellness vacations

There are a few amenities that can easily turn your rental into a wellness oasis. These include for example:

  • Comfortable beds
  • Bathrobes
  • Towels
  • Body care products
  • Jacuzzi or hot tub
  • Sauna or steam bath
  • Swimming pool or swimming pond
  • Sun loungers

In addition, depending on availability, you can offer other treatments for an extra charge, such as:

  • Massages
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Packs
  • Gymnastics, yoga classes
  • Etc.

What to consider when planning a vacation rental with wellness benefits

Interior design and ease of use

No matter which types of wellness you offer in your vacation rental or vacation home, it must fit into the overall concept of the house. A sauna or hot tub shouldn’t just be randomly installed in an existing property. Instead, they should blend into the interior design and create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

When choosing equipment, also make sure that it is easy to operate. Your guests will probably have to turn the sauna or whirlpool on and off themselves. This should be as self-explanatory as possible.

In addition, we recommend that you add instructions to your house rules and, if necessary, display them in printed form in the wellness area.

Wellness and environmental awareness

The desire for wellness and well-being goes hand in hand with sustainable tourism. Because only if the environment is looked after, the air is free of pollutants, etc., guests can really relax and let go.

Therefore, when furnishing your vacation rental, we recommend to use sustainable and natural materials, such as wood, and use energy-efficient solutions for heating, etc. This way, you can reach guests who want to enjoy a vacation in a sustainable way.

How to reach guests who are looking for a vacation rental for their wellness vacation

As soon as you offer a vacation rental for wellness vacations, it is crucial that you inform your guests about all wellness options. You should already do this on your listing on the booking portals and in your digital guest guide. Be sure to go into detail about the individual options (such as additionally bookable massages, etc.).

Show your offer in the listing & photos

Even if your vacation rental is very well equipped, you have to make sure that your potential guests know the advantages of choosing your rental. Only then will they book with you. Therefore, it is important that you mention your wellness area in your listings and show it in the photos of your vacation rental.

Use the amenities on the portals

In addition, you should indicate the features of your vacation rental on the booking portals. This way, guests who are specifically looking for a vacation home with a sauna or a whirlpool, for example, will be drawn to your offer.

The filter options vary from portal to portal.


Even with a small whirlpool and high-quality body care products, you can transform your vacation rental into a small wellness oasis. By doing so, you will provide your guests the best conditions to recover physically and also mentally from everyday stress.

In addition, you give your property that certain something that sets you apart from the competition.

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