Saving energy in seasonal rentals

Discover 10 ideas to lower your vacation rental's electricity bill.

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Every vacation rental owner wants a profitable vacation rental. One thing that can get in the way of this is a large energy and utility bill. To avoid this, read through this guide where you will discover 10 tips to save energy in your vacation rental.

Beware of electricity consumption

You may have already experienced it: the electricity bill can be expensive. Travelers may not always pay attention to closing windows, not overheating, or leaving the property with everything turned on to the max. With the price of electricity on the rise again, it’s time to implement sustainable strategies to reduce your electricity consumption while providing a more enjoyable travel experience at the same time.

10 ideas for saving energy in vacation rentals

In addition to raising awareness about the environment and energy waste, the current price of electricity means saving on energy consumption is vital. However, it is often complicated to control everything when you are obviously not on site and with your guests. On the other hand, you can score points beforehand with careful planning. Discover 10 tips to help you better control your electricity consumption and thus optimize your annual energy performance.

Inform and educate your guests about energy conservation

If you are going to start somewhere, you can start here. Informing and educating your guests is the first step towards more responsible energy consumption. Remind your guests of the smart practices to adopt without being too procedural:

  • Heating: indicate how it works, how what level to set it at, how to turn it off, etc.
  • Lights: Remind guests to turn them off when leaving a room or rental
  • Air conditioning: indicate how it works, how much power to set, remember to turn it off, etc.
  • Plugs: unplug the chargers of electronic devices when they are not connected to the mains
    windows: close them properly when the heating is on, etc.

Use our Guest Guide to share all this information with your visitors so that they know how to operate the various parts of your vacation rental. You can share this information in a fun and entertaining way.

With these tips, you should be able to better control your guest’s electricity consumption.

Saving energy in seasonal rentals ᐅ Guide

Keep your electrical installation in good condition

In some seasonal rentals you can find outdated electrical installations that are no longer up to standard. Make sure your electrical panel is in good condition to avoid issues. In case of doubts, do not hesitate to call a professional to provide you with an electrical assessment of your installations and verify that the standards for your country / local area are respected. In case repairs are needed, costs are of course associated but are essential to guarantee the safety of your travelers and to avoid any damage to your property. Moreover, the life span of your installations will be extended with proper preventative maintenance.

Prefer the shower to the bathtub

If you were to embark on renovation projects for your bathroom, do not hesitate to replace the bathtub with a nice Italian shower for example. Your water consumption as well as your electrical consumption from your hot water heater will be reduced. You can also install a water regulator in your shower to offer a less powerful flow.

Opt for appliances with energy efficient label

The law requires to stores to display energy labels when buying new electrical and household appliances. Replacing some obsolete appliances with new appliances with a high energy rating can result in significant savings year-round. Appliances with an A++ rating will of course save the most. If you’re not sure which appliance to buy, the efficiency labels can help you make the right choice.

Use energy meters

Energy meters are another way to track the energy consumption of your seasonal rental. This can be for electricity and water. With them, you can better monitor the consumption habits of different travelers and two different seasonal periods, for example, or at mid-year. You can then try to better prepare your electricity budget or take measures to avoid high electricity bills.

Switch to LED lighting

Replacing conventional light bulbs with low-energy bulbs can save up to 80% in energy savings in the long run. As with other equipment, even if it’s a seemingly minor investment, you’ll notice the difference in your energy consumption over time.

Use dimmers

Dimmers are a very simple and inexpensive way to better regulate energy use in your short-term rental. Dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of the light and are very easy to install. In addition, they provide real value to travelers who can adjust the lighting to their liking and personalize their lighting experience in your short-term rental.

Energy renovation: thermal insulation, windows, doors

Avoiding heat loss from your property is essential to lowering your energy consumption. To do so, you can review your thermal insulation and make the necessary adjustments to better retain heat.

If your windows and doors are not fully sealed and let in a trickle of cool air, you will lose energy and heat in the wind. The best thing to do is to install double-glazed windows or adhesive weatherstripping to prevent heat loss and say goodbye to energy-hungry homes. Using thermal curtains on windows is also a simple and elegant way to save on your energy bills.

Often localities grant tax credits for certain insulation and other work, so ask around.

Install smart appliances

Why not install a smart thermostat, for example, and thus program and regulate the energy consumption of your vacation rental more easily and sustainably? The development of a smart home equipment really allows you to modernize your property and better control your energy usage. See our guide dedicated to the connected home to learn more.

Compare the different electricity suppliers

Shopping around for energy suppliers and their different energy rates is a good way to optimize your energy strategy. Depending on your level of environmental awareness, you can for example sign up with an energy supplier that offers green energy. Do not hesitate to compare important data: price per kWh, off-peak hours, etc.

If your short-term rental is in a coastal or tourist area and travelers tend to spend little time in the property, especially during the summer period, you may want to review your energy contract.

Conclusion: saving energy is possible

There are many ways you can reduce the electricity consumption of your vacation rental. Even the smallest action will have a long-term impact on your energy costs. Don’t hesitate to download this guide so that you always have it at hand.

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