Which entertainment amenities should you offer in your vacation rental?

Best entertainment amenities for your vacation rental

In order to satisfy increasingly demanding travelers, adding quality, up-to-date entertainment equipment to entertain to rental is sure to help please your guests. In this article, you’ll find ideas for equipping your vacation rental with entertainment solutions for your guests!

Why offer entertainment equipment in your vacation rental?

One of the objectives of a vacation rental owner or manager is to offer a positive travel experience throughout their guests’ stay. For this reason, offering entertainment facilities in your vacation rental has a number of advantages. They include:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Brighten up your guests’ stay
  • Save them if one day they get tired and prefer to stay in the apartment or on a rainy evening

As you can see, there are many reasons to equip yourself with entertainment solutions! However, with so many options out there, what should you choose?

What kind of entertainment equipment should you include in your holiday rental?

Once you’ve equipped your short-term rental with all the essentials, and added a few decorative touches to make it unique, you can focus on a few pieces of entertainment equipment to enhance your travel experience.

Smoobu has put together a few ideas to make sure your guests don’t get bored for a second during their stay with you!

High-tech equipment

By offering high-tech services and equipment in your vacation rental, you won’t be taking any risks and will delight your travelers. Unless you’re offering a rental concept based on digital detox, in which case you can forget about this paragraph.

  • Wi-Fi: these days, an Internet connection is essential in a vacation rental, and it’s a service that travelers expect. What’s more, in the age of telecommuting and workstations, Wi-Fi is essential.
  • Smart TV: a modern television allows your travelers to broadcast their phones on the screen to view photos and videos taken during the day. A Smart TV can also be used to access TV streaming or replay services.
  • Streaming services: American and international travelers are keen on streaming services. Whether it’s Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime to name but a few, adding one or more of these platforms to your offering will be a real plus!
  • Video projector: if you don’t opt for a TV, you can install a beamer to make your guests feel like they’re at the movies. It’s a great addition, especially for the fall and winter seasons.
  • DVD/Blu-ray player: it may sound old-fashioned, but a player with a few films for the whole family on hand can save a rainy afternoon.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: whether you’re targeting families, senior citizens or groups of friends with your vacation rental business, almost everyone is a music lover. Making a wireless Bluetooth speaker available to them will be much appreciated to brighten up their stay.

Cultural equipment

  • Board games: a great classic for fun! You can provide a few board and card games to entertain young and old alike.
  • Library: on vacation, travelers take more time to read. You can put a few old books you like on a shelf, books about the region and a few magazines at your disposal.
  • Boxes of pencils, paints etc. Why not awaken the creativity of your future travelers with an artist’s kit? This activity will keep them entertained and having fun at the same time.
  • Game room: if you have a vacation home or large surface area, you can also opt for a game room with billiards, pinball, arcade games or foosball. A guaranteed hit!

Outdoor equipment

  • Swimming pool / jacuzzi / sauna: whether for the summer or winter season, these wellness facilities could charm your future prospects and provide them with a real sense of relaxation.
  • Bicycles: you can make bicycles available to your guests. This sporty activity lets you discover a region while having fun and sharing a good time.
  • Ping-pong table: This is a great way for all your guests to get together for a convivial activity and share unforgettable moments together.

A well-equipped rental = satisfied travelers

Travelers now expect exemplary service. The better equipped your vacation rental is, the more satisfied your travelers will be, and the more positive your ratings will be, while leaving a lasting impression in their minds!