6 tips for outfitting the outdoor space of your vacation rental

ᐅ 6 tips for outfitting the outdoor space of your vacation rental

With the warm weather just around the corner, it’s time to take care of the outdoor areas of your vacation rental property, to give them a fresh look and keep your guests happy. In this article, you’ll find ideas and advice for decorating your balcony, terrace and garden.

Outdoor space, an asset for your holiday rental

Having a seasonal rental with outdoor space is a real asset for your short-term rental business. Indeed, whether you have a balcony, terrace or garden, these openings to the outdoors have many advantages for your offer, and by extension for your guests:

Visual appeal and added value

An attractive, well-appointed and inviting outdoor space attracts the eye, making it more enticing for guests to click on your vacation rental listing while searching. It’s an added value, even more so in regions where temperatures are mild. Potential guests will also be willing to pay more if your services are solid.

Extended living space

A seasonal rental with both indoor and outdoor living space allows you to offer a complete experience to your guests. It opens up your rental to the outdoors, allowing your guests to enjoy different spaces at different times of their day and stay. It’s an extra space for meeting and sharing.

A differentiating feature

A garden, terrace or balcony can be a differentiating element and a criterion of choice for travelers to trigger a reservation. It is therefore important to work on your outdoor offer to provide a qualitative experience.

A (re)connection with nature

Your garden can help travelers escape and reconnect with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It can also act as a space for relaxation and well-being, and encourage digital detox.

6 tips for designing the outdoor space of your vacation rental

Discover 6 practical tips for creating a pleasant outdoor space for your future travelers.

Organize a spring clean

Spring cleaning doesn’t just happen inside, but outside too. In fact, after the winter period, it may be a good idea to clean up and prepare your vacation rental’s outdoor space for the warmer weather.

Whether you have a balcony or a terrace, you can clean the floors of dust, moss, damp stains and dirt accumulated over the winter. If you have a garden, you can pick up branches that have fallen over the winter and maintain your lawn as needed.

Opt for quality outdoor furnishings

Creating a warm and inviting living space is essential if your guests are to enjoy the full potential of your outdoor area. So, depending on the space you have available, you can :

  • Set up a relaxation area with garden furniture (coffee table, armchairs, chairs)
  • Create a dining area with a large garden table and garden chairs (the number of which corresponds to the maximum capacity of your rental)
  • Set up a relaxation area with outdoor sofas, deckchairs and loungers
  • Provide a barbecue for convivial summer evenings

A high-quality, complete outdoor layout will promote a positive travel experience and positive reviews.

Focus on greenery

Outdoor living means greenery. You can install small pots of flowers on your terrace or balcony to add life and color to your space. You can also opt for green plants or Mediterranean plants, if temperatures in your region allow, to add a touch of greenery and substance.

If you have more space, you can also have trees in pots or in the ground. You could also create a small aromatic garden on the ground or in pots. Your guests can pick fresh herbs to season their dishes. This could be a fun experience for young and old alike.

Think outdoor lighting

There are many possibilities for outdoor lighting. Rely on different styles of lighting to create a warm atmosphere after dark: lanterns, string lights or solar lamps can be economical and practical options.

Install decoration

You’ve certainly decorated the interior of your vacation rental to your taste. You can do the same for your outdoor space.

Among the many possibilities for outdoor decoration, you can install a pretty outdoor carpet to mark the space and personalize it. You can also opt for pretty floor cushions to create a cozy relaxation area. Buying pretty flower pots or planters can also help create a lovely outdoor atmosphere.

Offer leisure equipment

If your outdoor space allows it, you can add some leisure equipment for your guests to enjoy:

  • A hammock for relaxation
  • Rackets and a badminton net to set up in the garden for fun times with friends and family
  • A children’s slide if your rental is aimed at families
  • Buoys, inflatable mattresses and water games if you have a swimming pool
  • A Jacuzzi to complete your relaxation package

The possibilities are endless!

Quality outdoor space for satisfied guests

Every interaction, every service, every element and every space in your short-term rental contributes to the guest experience. By offering a pleasant, well-kept outdoor space, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart from vacation rentals that don’t have one. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out in an increasingly competitive rental market.

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