23 tips for effective vacation rental spring cleaning

ᐅ 23 tips for effective vacation rental spring cleaning

There is nothing better to celebrate the arrival of the warm weather than a spring cleaning of your vacation rental! Indeed, cleanliness in your short-term rental business is essential and a thorough cleaning once a year is necessary to ensure that your property is kept in tip-top condition and in good health. Find out how to do your annual deep cleaning in this article!

Spring cleaning for seasonal rentals

In addition to your regular cleaning between bookings, it is necessary and essential to carry out a major spring cleaning at least once a year.

In fact, launching the spring cleaning operation has many advantages:

  1. Ensuring all nooks and crannies of your vacation rental are clean
  2. Keeping your appliances and equipment in good condition through regular maintenance
  3. Sanitizing your property to guarantee impeccable hygiene
  4. Guaranteeing a high level of satisfaction among your guests and better reviews

Keep reading this guide on how to organize the regular cleaning of your vacation rental and the cleaning products you need.

23 spring cleaning tips for your vacation rental

With the high season coming up quickly for many of you, a “spring cleaning” is a smart idea. So how do you go about it? Here are 23 tips:

1. Decide whether or not to use a professional service

A legitimate question to ask yourself before embarking on this thorough cleaning is: do you want to call a cleaning service or do you want to do this task yourself, as a team, with friends etc.? If you are still on the fence, you can always inquire about cleaning services and request a cleaning estimate from a professional.

2. Make a list and establish an action plan to remain efficient

To operate efficiently, it may be wise to follow an action plan. This way, you’ll know where you’re going and you’ll feel good about checking off boxes and seeing your mission move forward.

In your vacation rental

3. Inspect the overall condition of your rental property

By regularly checking the condition of your plumbing, electricity, equipment etc. you will ensure the best possible experience for your future travelers.

4. Clean the fixtures

Light fixtures are real dust catchers! Give lampshades, pendant lights and light bulbs a quick clean and say goodbye to dust! Unplug your lights or turn off the power beforehand to avoid any risk.

5. Clean your air conditioning unit

A major source of dust is the ventilation or air conditioning units. Use a damp cloth to remove the dust.

6. Clean door handles

Often forgotten, door handles deserve to be cleaned or polished depending on the material they are made of.

7. Move furniture and appliances

With the passage of your many travelers and with time, there are certainly dust bunnies and other objects fallen behind your furniture or appliances such as your dishwasher or washing machine.

Move your imposing equipment and vacuum / mop to restore freshness and cleanliness in the smallest corners.

8. Deep dusting

Even if your household cleaning is done regularly, take advantage of this annual check-up to go further in your fight against dust. Ensure to clean those hard-to-reach places like the tops of furniture.

9. Wash the windows

With the return of warm weather, windows need to be spotless. Take a moment to check their condition and clean them if necessary. Also take this time to do the window surrounds.

ᐅ 23 tips for effective vacation rental spring cleaning

10. Wash the walls

With the constant passage of new travelers and with time, your walls may have lost their beauty and whiteness. You can start washing the walls according to their coating and remove stains and dust.

11. Repaint as needed

You can consider giving your walls a fresh look by repainting them.

12. Clean the floors/seal/wax your floors

Depending on the condition and composition of your floors, you can undertake a thorough cleaning with appropriate products – including sanding, waxing or sealing your floors as needed.

13. Clean carpets

While cozy and bringing real warmth and personality to your short term rental, carpeting is a dust catcher, a nest for mites and other dog or cat hair if you allow pets. Shampooing your carpets once a year will give them back their shine, keep them looking good longer and avoid allergic reactions in your travelers.

14. Take inventory of your rental

With your many travelers coming and going throughout the year, taking an inventory of your vacation rental can be a good idea. Indeed, cutlery can disappear, plates can break, mugs can chip, etc. This can quickly complicate the life of your travelers and make a bad impression. By doing an inventory once a year, you keep an eye on your equipment.

15. Clean sofas/chairs

You can never be sure of getting a stain.


16. Deep clean bedding

At least once a year you should wash your comforters and pillows in order to eliminate dust, bacteria, dust mites, traces of perspiration and thus guarantee a perfect hygiene.

You can also clean your mattress and take the opportunity to check for bed bugs (to be done regularly).

17. Inspect bed linens and change them as needed

Clean and fresh linens are a top priority. So check the condition of your bedding and change it as needed. Your travelers will appreciate this and if there are any problems, they will let you know.


18. Clean your small appliances and equipment

Even if you or your cleaning company takes care of it regularly, you can take advantage of this big cleaning to inspect your small appliances and clean the inside of them: dust your toaster and remove the crumbs and descale your kettle for example.

19. Empty cupboards and drawers and sort out

Take advantage of the arrival of the warm weather to empty your closets and drawers and give them a thorough cleaning. Taking everything out is also an opportunity to sort out and separate yourself from useless or broken/chipped objects/equipment.

ᐅ 23 tips for effective vacation rental spring cleaning


20. Inspect the shower

It is possible that joints are blackened with moisture and mold. You can change them for a cleaner look. Find tips against mold in our guide.

21. Inspect the toilet

Maybe the toilet seat is broken or shows signs of use? Also look for lime scale and water leaks.

22. Change the shower curtain

If the need arises, don’t hesitate to change your shower curtain. This will give your bathroom a breath of fresh air and make a good impression when your travelers enter your short term rental.

23. Outdoor areas

Here you can make sure that your plants are healthy if you have them. Maintain the pool, mow the lawn.

Spring cleaning for a healthy vacation rental

This selection of tips should give you a good overview to undertake an effective spring cleaning and thus guarantee the satisfaction of your travelers while maintaining your rental in “good health”.