The benefits of a guestbook for your vacation rental

ᐅ The benefits of a guestbook for your vacation rental

In this article, you’ll find out the benefits of a guestbook for your vacation property and what options you have.

What are the benefits of a guestbook for vacation rentals?

In today’s digital age, a guestbook may seem old-fashioned at first glance. However, it also has numerous advantages:

  • A guestbook creates a personal and warm atmosphere.
  • It gives your guests the opportunity to give you uncomplicated feedback on their stay.
  • They can also read what previous visitors have written and get a good impression of your hospitality and your rental property.
  • A guest book is also a great document to reminisce about later – for example, if a celebrity has visited your accommodation.

Feedback & communication with your guests

A guest book can make your vacation rental more personal and helps you to build a connection with your guests. The guestbook is a kind of diary in which your guests can leave their impressions, experiences and recommendations. This allows your guests to rate their stay in your accommodation and provides you as the host with valuable information and feedback.

The entries in the guestbook tell you a lot about the satisfaction and experience of your guests during their stay. This enables you to continuously improve the quality of your offering and thus better meet the needs of your guests.

Different forms of guest books

When you hear the term “guest book“, you probably first think of an actual book with blank pages in which guests can write their names with a pen. However, there are other variants that are a little more modern.

Below you will find an overview of the different types of guest books. Decide for yourself what suits your vacation accommodation best:

1. Traditional paper guest books

Traditional paper guest books are usually larger bound books designed specifically for guests to leave their entries. They are often used in hotels, restaurants, at weddings or other events. The books usually have a pretty cover and blank pages for guests to record their thoughts and experiences.

A classic guest book usually contains various pieces of information such as the guest’s name, the date of their stay and a possible rating. This allows the hosts to keep track of the guestbook and see how satisfied the guests were with their stay.

2. Digital guest books

Over the past few decades, the way we interact with guests has changed dramatically. The guest is still the focus, but many areas of hosting have shifted to the digital space. As a result, digital guest books have become more common.

Digital guest books offer guests the opportunity to easily share their opinions and reviews. Instead of filling out a physical book, guests can leave their comments on tablets, computers or even their own mobile devices. This feedback method is not only modern, but also extremely convenient for guests. They can share their thoughts anytime, anywhere, without being tied to special feedback forms. As a host, you can also respond quickly to negative reviews if there are any problems.

3. Unusual guest books

If you prefer a creative solution, you can also create your guestbook in a completely different form. If you have a good relationship with regular guests etc., you may also receive postcards from time to time. How about collecting these postcards on a pinboard?

Another option would be a world map on which your guests can mark their place of residence with a pin. This way you can show how many (international) guests you have already welcomed.

Think about what shape suits your property and your target group and be creative!

How to create a guestbook for your vacation accommodation

Choose the right guest book for your accommodation

Decide on a shape and buy a nice blank book or design something according to your own ideas. Depending on the rental concept and your available time, one or the other solution may suit you better.

Personalize and design your guest book

If you want to commission a special book from a print shop etc. or opt for a digital guest book, you should make sure that it matches your apartment brand. So make sure that your logo, your colors and, if applicable, your font are used and design everything so that it fits in perfectly with your concept. You can also use photos of the accommodation and the surrounding area and, if you like, of yourself.

Write an introduction

The first entry in your guestbook is yours. Write a few lines to encourage your guests to sign your guestbook. Welcome your guests to your accommodation and ask them for feedback.

Here you will find an example for inspiration:

Dear guest,

We are very pleased about your visit and would like to ask you to write a small contribution for our guestbook. We welcome praise and criticism and would like to know how you enjoyed your stay with us.

With kind regards

Your host

Check and update your guestbook regularly

It is also important that you check your guestbook regularly and replace it if all the pages are full or it is already a little tattered.

Take feedback to heart and try to implement constructive tips.


A guestbook for your vacation rental offers the opportunity to make a personal connection with guests and receive valuable feedback to improve your rental business.

It allows guests to leave impressions, experiences and recommendations, and often offers helpful tips and recommendations for future guests.

Guestbook entries can help improve communication with your guests, share positive experiences and receive valuable feedback to continuously improve the quality of accommodation and service.

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