How to market your vacation rental as a wedding venue

How to market your vacation rental as a wedding venue

Exploring the possibility of turning your vacation rental into a coveted wedding venue can be an exciting strategy to diversify your revenue streams, while adding extra appeal to your property and increasing your profits by attracting a new audience. Today, weddings have transcended the walls of churches, finding their way into diverse settings such as country homes, ocean view villas or luxurious estates. With demand on the rise, especially during the summer months thanks to the favorable weather for outdoor events, are you ready to turn your vacation rental into the ideal wedding destination?

Turn your vacation rental into the perfect wedding venue: keys and strategies for success

Attracting couples looking for the perfect wedding venue requires an effective marketing strategy. That’s why, before you start promoting your property, you should analyze the market and the needs that potential couples are looking for in this type of property.

What aspects should you consider to market your vacation rental for celebrations?

If you are contemplating the idea of hosting weddings in your vacation rental, there are several important aspects to consider:

  1. Make sure your property has everything you need to accommodate the right number of guests, providing amenities such as ceremony and reception spaces, as well as parking areas.
  2. Research local regulations and make sure to obtain the necessary permits for holding events (specifically weddings), as these requirements may vary by location.
  3. Create versatile and attractive spaces that suit different wedding styles. Consider investing in neutral furnishings and décor that can be customized to the couple’s preferences.
  4. Create a strong network of partners (florists, caterers, photographers, musicians, etc.) who can help you organize such events. 
  5. Offer couples the freedom to customize the decor and layout according to their preferences and wedding style.
  6. Develop a marketing strategy that highlights your property as an ideal wedding venue, using high-quality images that showcase the beauty and versatility of your property.

How do you know if your vacation rental is the perfect wedding venue?

Determining if your property is the ideal wedding venue involves evaluating several criteria:

Ideal location and ample space

Make sure your property offers an attractive and picturesque setting for ceremonies and receptions, whether it’s an ocean view, manicured gardens, rural landscapes, mountains or enchanting forests.  It will also be important that your property has enough space to comfortably accommodate guests, with separate areas for ceremonies, receptions and parties: a large garden or spacious interior space will be perfect, also to accommodate the other professionals working at the wedding. 

If your home has special equipment, it will be important to highlight these advantages in your advertisements and on your social media profiles. 

Accessibility for all guests

An important aspect to highlight is that the holiday home is adapted for the elderly, wheelchair users and accessible to any guest with diverse needs. Parking spaces for vehicles will also be an important point, as the property will need access for vehicles bringing guests and equipment for catering, entertainment, music, etc. 

How do you deal with the potential problems that can arise when having a wedding at your vacation rental?

Define your own rules and communicate them before accepting an event

Clear communication with your future guests will save you more than one headache. Even if the property is secluded and there is no problem with noise, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in place a set of rules to ensure the safety of the event. You can create a special guide for couples who want to book, with all the rules to comply with before booking your property, including for example the maximum number of guests, the use of the facilities by third parties (for example, a caterer), the time limit for leaving the property and other aspects that you consider essential. 

Create a rental agreement for this type of event

Create a specific rental agreement for wedding events that includes all the rules, fees and responsibilities of both parties, providing clarity and protection in case of accidents, unforeseen events or cancellations at the last minute. It is better to be forewarned about such a lavish display as a wedding, as it will have negative repercussions for you if any kind of problem occurs. Don’t forget to take out special insurance for events at your venue, so that you can cover damage caused to third parties or damage to your property. 

Ask for a deposit 

Having a deposit before the event takes place will give you extra peace of mind, as last minute unforeseen events may arise that you did not expect. By asking for a deposit you also ensure that the guests accept the conditions and that they can contribute to pay for a large part of the stay. 

Create a specific cancellation policy for weddings and similar events

As with a normal stay, the cancellation policy is an important factor that you should not overlook. The vast majority of booking portals allow you to select a type of cancellation policy, but don’t hesitate to devise one that suits your needs. An effective cancellation policy will allow you to cover supplier expenses, among other things. 

Focus on Luxury Tourism

If your vacation rental is a villa, a farmhouse or a rural house with ample spaces and in an exceptional location, you will surely be able to attract luxury tourism. The luxury tourist, in addition, will allow you to navigate the off-peak seasons of celebrations in a better way, without having to close your vacation rental until the season of weddings and other events. 

To learn more about luxury tourism and how to approach it, don’t miss our special guide. 

Use social media and marketing to reach out to potential prospects

Today, social media is the best showcase for events and locations. Potential guests will be able to discover at a glance the advantages of your vacation rental to celebrate a wedding and what the result would be like. We encourage you to create posts that showcase real weddings and events held at your vacation rental, so you attract and get your business name out there. 

Google ad campaigns are also very effective, as your property will be easier to find for those who are looking for a place with similar characteristics. 

Use a Channel Manager with integrations

Having the help of a Channel Manager, which also allows you to have your own booking website, will save you time and effort in the day-to-day tasks, and allow you more time to focus on other aspects of your vacation rental business. 

A Channel Manager with many integrations will be ideal, as with the help of these additional services you will be able to better manage your cleaning crews, special event pricing, guest guides, etc. Smoobu has integrations with leading vacation rental management companies globally, so don’t miss the opportunity to expand your business and services from the comfort of your home with the confidence and experience of Smoobu after decades in the industry. 


The reality is that weddings and special events will result in many advantages for hosts looking to diversify their business, expand their brand and generate more profits. With Smoobu’s help, you can always be sure that your vacation rental business is in good hands. Don’t forget your 14-day free trial and experience a multitude of benefits first hand – what are you waiting for?!

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