Branding Strategies for Vacation Rentals

Building your brand image is the first step to success. Find out how branding can revolutionize your vacation rental business!

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In marketing terminology, branding encompasses all activities focused on creating a brand, image and message that defines a business in order to grow, attract new customers and provide good service. Given the growing number of vacation rentals in recent years, it becomes increasingly necessary to draw attention above other competitors and implement marketing tools and strategies, such as content marketing, SEO, email marketing and others to help you stand out from the crowd.

That’s why branding provides plenty of long-term advantages for the vacation rental business.

3 benefits of branding for vacation rentals

Make a difference

Standing out from the multitude of listings and millions of users on vacation rental booking platforms is certainly the first step to success. But how do you attract guests’ attention among so much competition? Even if the listing’s photos, description and other information are perfect, offering a personal and professional brand image can tip the balance in your favor. A logo, a catchy slogan and a name that’s hard to forget will make you easier to find on websites like Airbnb or Plus, guests will be able to search for you on social media and Google Maps to locate you more easily.

Boost your marketing strategy

Branding gives you a unique advantage over other marketing strategies, and by creating a brand that encapsulates the essence of your vacation rental business, you’ll have to spend less time and money on other tools. Your brand image is a lifelong and lasting investment. Add to that a good reputation, and your vacation rental is on the right track.

Generate traveler trust

We all trust more in something that has a brand than in something that does not, since we are used to usually associate it with more quality and seriousness. Therefore, instinctively, travelers will feel curiosity and security when they see that it is a serious and professional holiday rental. Vacation rental platforms are not exempt from hoaxes and scams, so it is advisable to give off the highest quality image possible.

How to start building a brand for a vacation rental business?

Building a brand is the foundation of your vacation rental business. You will have to start at the beginning when analyzing the market, the other competitors and the type of service you want to offer.

Market analysis: what is missing in your area?

Location is a critical part of building a viable vacation rental business. The greater the number of vacation rentals in your area, the greater the competition. Start by analyzing what types of accommodations are prevalent in your area and what names they use, for example by searching Google for “vacation rental + location” and looking at the search results. Do the same on social media, and look at comments and reviews from previous guests. Maybe some of them can help you define what your competitors are missing and what they are not, so you can focus your business strategy to fill those missing needs.

Define your target audience

Sometimes the type of guest will depend in part on the type of vacation rental you own, the area and your own needs as a host. This is an important step in building a lasting business. In our guide on guest types you will find all the information on this topic.

Brand name, style and personality

Here comes the most important step: defining what you want your vacation rental brand to look like. The previous steps should have helped you to define the type of accommodation service you will offer, the guests you want to target and other details. Now you just need to shape it.

Keep in mind that choosing the name of your vacation rental brand is an important step, since it will define the image of your business from now on. Opt for something that is easy to remember and that can best describe the type of accommodation and the area, inspiring a sense of luxury and exclusivity or of adventure and nature. This is how your guests will think of your rental. Accompany your brand name with a catchy slogan to further inspire those potential customers who come across your ad.

Logo, slogan and typography design

Undoubtedly, a good brand design may require an expert hand, for example from a graphic or industrial designer. Many strong brands have not succeeded because of a bad logo design. We are observing the constant renewal of logos and typography of brands we have always known. Renew or die!

Regarding design, the most important aspects will be the colors, the typography and the logo that represents your business idea.

Once you have chosen which elements best represent your brand, it will be time to use them in your profiles, social networks, website, guest guide and many other elements that make up your vacation rental business.

Branding will cement your vacation rental business

Branding will be the cornerstone on which you will later build the rest of your vacation rental’s content and marketing strategies, and your success will be measured by its effectiveness.

These guidelines will help you get off to a good start and build a lasting brand image representative of your ideals as a host.

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