Home Staging: stage your vacation rental, with these 7 easy steps

Home Staging: stage your vacation rental, with these 7 easy steps

Attract more potential guests to your vacation rental, home staging is a must! Check out our guidance below.

What is home staging?

Home staging emerged as a concept in the United States during the rise of real estate development of the 70s and 90s, at a time when the real estate market was growing steadily and it was necessary to find buyers quickly.

In any case, we could define home staging as the different real estate marketing strategies and techniques used to make the most of a property and the organization of space and decoration to make it more attractive to potential buyers or hosts.

What will you achieve with vacation rental staging?

As it is often said, the first impression is the most important. Without a doubt, a home that is aesthetically appealing and exudes a welcoming atmosphere will be much more interesting than one that is empty or with an outdated or sparse décor.

Potential buyers or guests will find it much easier to imagine themselves in the home, even if it is a temporary decoration that they find themselves in. This marketing technique can be applied to both homes for sale and short-term rentals, since in the end the main objective is the same: to increase sales opportunities.

Although some decoration techniques are followed, home staging is not the same as decorating, since the only purpose is a quick sale or, in the case of vacation rentals, a reservation. The aesthetic objective, therefore, is to create a neutral and universal space that fits in with the majority of people.

Home staging for your vacation rental: what are the advantages?

The series of marketing techniques applied to improve the presentation of a property has very advantageous results, increasing exponentially even the value of the property and the sale price.

This leads us to think that, in terms of a vacation rental or seasonal accommodation, it will also be a great advantage for the hosts, since a well presented property will be less time empty and will not have to bear extra expenses.

An effective staging strategy will therefore ensure a higher number of visits and bookings, and will even increase the perceived value of the accommodation.

The 7 home staging tips you need to put in practice 

An added advantage of home staging is that it will not be necessary to carry out an extensive renovation, but with a simple facelift, some changes in the layout and equipment and, ultimately, of the vacation rental space, you can achieve a radical improvement without a large investment of time and money.

Let’s see some home staging tricks applied by the professionals of this art that you can put into practice in your vacation rental:

1. Remove personal belongings

If your main activity is vacation rental, surely there are not many personal items, like family photos but if you rent a room or a shared space, ideally making the living space as neutral as possible. This way, future guests can more easily imagine what their stay will be like without feeling like they are invading a private space.

To add a touch of warmth and joy, it is best to include plants or fresh flowers in different corners of the house. The objective is to achieve a neutral space, we will add a point of vitality and an inviting atmosphere  that will be appreciated by the guests.

2. Less is more

We often tend to think that a lot of furniture is the key to creating a cozy space. However, especially if we are talking about a small space, it will give a better impression and will stand out much more if we remove furniture, shelves or other objects that overwhelm and even hinder the passage. When in doubt, always apply the rule of “less is more”. Minimalism is a style that is gaining more and more followers and in the case of your vacation rental will allow you to create neutral and functional environments.

3. Make the most of the space

If the vacation rental is spacious, perhaps it will not be a problem to have more variety of furniture, but if it is a small and poorly structured space, it may not please many guests. To give a good image and also take advantage of the defects of the accommodation, the key will be to make good use of the spaces. For example, if you have an empty room that is not being used, transform it into an office, a games room or a relaxation corner. In the rest of the house, pay attention to how the furniture is organized to avoid creating wasted space.

4. Highlight the strong points

Even if it is a vacation rental without great luxuries, surely the house has some strong points to highlight. Whether it is a good view, plenty of natural light, modern elements or open spaces, it will be a good idea to highlight them even in the description of the ad. There will always be guests who value these differential aspects of the accommodation.

5. Always opt for professional photos

A professional photographer (even better an specialist in vacation rental photography) will recognize from the first moment what elements to emphasize. Captivating photos, in addition, will offer a much more professional image in your vacation rental listing, and it will gain in splendor and quality thanks to the beautiful photos. 

6. Repairs and maintenance

No guest would like to arrive at your vacation rental and notice a damp spot on the ceiling, a dirty balcony or outdoor space and walls in poor condition. There is no point in furnishing the property with the latest in decoration if the most important things fail or the short-term rental is not deep cleaned. In this article we tell you how to keep your vacation rental in perfect condition.

7. Pay attention to the textiles and the lighting

From the sofas to the bedding, the textiles of the house also play a fundamental role in the decoration of spaces following the guidelines of home staging. Choose neutral tones that are easy to wash, made of natural fibers such as cotton and linen to create a cozy atmosphere without being heavy. Try to match, for example, the color of the curtains with pops of color in cushions or bedspread in the bedroom to create a balanced atmosphere.

Besides, it is also important to pay attention to lighting. Poorly executed lighting can be more harmful than it seems. Creating ambience through lighting is the goal, and for that it is fundamental to have in mind which type of lights you will be using (warmer lighting is recommended to create a cozy feeling) and the light points in the rooms. As a trick, staging professionals advise using dim but well-positioned lights instead of fixed, powerful ceiling lights.


Attracting more guests and growing the occupancy rate of your vacation rental while also making it stand out much more on rental platforms is possible with these simple marketing techniques. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire professional staging services, these tricks will position your accommodation among travelers’ favorites.

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