Plants in your vacation rental: good or bad idea? (+tips)

ᐅ Plants in your vacation rental: good or bad idea? (+tips)

The selection of equipment, the layout and the decor of your vacation rental are important in your vacation rental. In addition to these steps, is it a good idea to add plants to your house or your vacation apartment? In this article, you will find the advantages of adding plants in your vacation rental, advice on how to take care of your plants as well as a list of plants that are ideal for your property.

Plants in a vacation rental: a decoration that breathes

Whether your vacation rental is a house or an apartment, you have to decorate it to your liking and bring your personal touch in terms of decoration in order to make people want to book your place (and not somewhere else).

To bring a little life and a touch of color in your rooms, you may have already thought of adding beautiful green plants. Greening also allows you to add a personal touch and color, while keeping the decoration neutral enough so that your guests can make the place their own during their vacation.

Installing indoor plants in different rooms and spaces will allow you to dress up your rental with a little greenery. In addition, you will be able to take nice pictures that you can share in your listings on booking websites, on your own blog, your direct booking website or on your social network pages.

How to take care of your plants in seasonal rental?

The question is essential and must be asked! Even if some types of plants require less water than others, our friends still need to be watered. So how do you take care of them?

  • If you live close to your short term rental and you are in charge of welcoming your travelers, the question probably will not arise. You can take care of the watering and maintenance yourself.
  • If you hire a cleaning service for example or a person to check in or check out, you can ask these professionals to water your plants and make sure they are well maintained.
  • If you know someone you trust who lives nearby, then they could take care of your plants at the appropriate times.

Some tips for the care of your plants

In between two reservations, you will need to take care of your plants to maintain their good behavior, make them grow and last.

  • Depending on the type of plants you choose, place them in suitable rooms and in light/shade/mid-shade as needed.
  • Concerning repotting, you can do it at the beginning of spring by choosing a pot with a larger diameter.
  • If the tenants have stayed for a long time, for example, and the soil is particularly dry, instead of watering them from above, let them take “baths” in a basin of cold water: the roots will only take what they need. This way, you will avoid overwatering them, which is even worse for the plant’s survival than forgetting to water.
  • Regarding the stems and leaves, prune what needs to be pruned, remove dead leaves/scarred leaves. If your plants are healthy, they will grow and logically you will have to repot them when the root system becomes too large.

List of seasonal rental plants friendly

In today’s world, we have access to many robust indoor plants that require regular watering but are not very restrictive, such as

  • The chlorophytum or “spider plant”, a plant known to make many cuttings of itself, so we can replant almost infinitely.
  • The piléa, a very fashionable and decorative round plant, which grows even if you forget to water it.
  • The scindapsus or “pothos”, which is so little capricious that it can be placed in any room of the house, from the brightest to the darkest.
  • Sansevieria or “snake plant” are beautiful and robust climbing plants.
  • Spathiphyllum, a plant recognizable by its white flowers, can be “forgotten” and easily recovered.
  • Ivy, which you can install in a bathroom or kitchen (they love humidity!) to bring an “indoor garden” feel.

Of course, you can ask your local garden center for advice.

Substitutes for live plants

If you still want to add a touch of greenery to your vacation rental without the hassle, think about fake plants, dried flowers or decorative objects made of wicker or woven straw. These solutions will bring a natural side that should blend with your decoration.

A well-equipped rental to satisfy your travelers

Neat, tasteful decorations and a well-equipped short term rental will delight your guests. By offering all the necessary comforts for a good stay and providing a top-notch travel experience, you’ll ensure a positive note at the end of your stay. Find our guide on the essential equipment for your holiday rental!

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