ᐅ What's a Channel Manager for Short Term & Vacation Rentals?

What’s a Channel Manager for Short Term and Vacation Rentals?

ᐅ What's a Channel Manager for Short Term & Vacation Rentals?

An important component in the management of vacation rentals

Channel management enables you to implement your sales and marketing strategies efficiently. A Vacation Rental Channel Manager can synchronise booking portals automatically and in real time. Bookings, availability and prices. While you gain additional guests who book your offer, you increase your turnover and your profit. At the same time, it makes you a bit less dependent on booking portals. With this distribution network, you can then attract guests from all over the world. In the long run, the booking system saves you time and supports you in your business decisions.


Who benefits from a Channel Manager?

The channel manager is your new virtual assistant. It takes care of your routine tasks and gives you the time to concentrate on other tasks. The more complex your sales landscape is, the more important the channel manager becomes for you: It makes even confusing areas manageable. For this reason, it has long been impossible to imagine the world of holiday home software without it.

What are the advantages of automating processes with the Channel Manager?

When you automate your processes, you save time. Exactly how much time depends on the size of your house. Up to 20 hours of time savings are not unusual. In addition, you increase the frequency with which your holiday home is occupied.

Which channel managers are the best?

There is no one channel manager that fits everyone – which one you choose depends on what you expect from the system. Smoobu is one of the best on the market.

Distribution channels for holiday homes and Channel Managers

Potential guests no longer want to book purely by phone or in person. This makes online sales portals a necessary part of the holiday home business. Online travel agents are an example of this. They arrange holiday homes for guests and take care of the payment. The website of your holiday home is also a channel, albeit a shorter one. Here you rent directly to your guests instead of using global distribution systems. A classic distribution channel is online travel agents, or OTAs, such as Booking.com, VRBO or Airbnb. They are effective because they offer the highest possible visibility. However, they are also expensive: you have to expect a commission fee of 15 to 20 percent.

Wholesalers, on the other hand, sign a contract with you and buy flats. They rent these rooms to travel agencies, which makes them a kind of middleman.

Meta search engines are another option. With them, your guest compares different room prices and other booking options. Hometogo, Trivago, TripAdivsor and Google Hotel Ads are among these metasearch engines. The channel manager helps you to use these tools strategically. For you, this means: you achieve your goals and open up new markets.

Mapping and the Channel Manager

A channel manager consists of different components for mapping:

  • A booking calendar shows you when which rooms are available.
  • A room selection offers you a filter with which you can select the number of people per room.
  • The system calculates the prices automatically.
  • Suitable selection to cater for your guests.
  • It records personal data and payment methods.

In addition, some booking systems have further features:

  • You can use them to redeem voucher codes.
  • Packages can be selected.
  • They offer additional room options such as late check-out.
  • Additional offers such as massages or special programmes can be booked.

Here’s what to look for

The right channel manager is the one that best meets your needs. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the details of the products. The following questions will help you make the right choice:

  • Which platforms can you connect your channel manager to?
  • Which software can you connect to? Can you exchange data between the two systems?
  • Will the data be transferred quickly and reliably?
  • Is the (payment) data transmitted securely?
  • What about data protection?
  • Is the system easy to use? Otherwise: Who offers training?


With the Channel Manager you can reduce your workload and concentrate on your important tasks. Although it is indispensable in complex environments, you can use it in almost any environment.

The important thing is that it must fulfil the criteria you need. This way you increase the number of your guests and at the same time increase your turnover.

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