10 post ideas for your vacation rental’s instagram account

ᐅ 10 post ideas for your vacation rental’s instagram account

Social media is a strategic point of contact with travelers and a showcase for promoting your vacation rental business. In this article, discover 10 post ideas to promote your vacation rental on Instagram and generate new bookings!

Why use social media for your vacation rental?

As a vacation rental owner, you may be asking yourself this exact question? Social media can be a great sounding board for your business, helping it to grow. In fact, thanks to social media and Instagram in particular, you can:

  • Promote your business to millions of users
  • Keep in touch with your former tenants
  • Turn your followers into future guests
  • Create a new source of bookings via your inspiring publications
  • Develop a community around your project

What are the publication formats on Instagram?

A quick reminder before getting to the heart of this article: what are the possible publication formats on the social media Instagram?

  1. Photos: This is the essence of Instagram.
  2. Videos: You can share short or long videos on Instagram. Whether it’s video montages, sequence shots or even videos filmed live from the application, the possibilities are numerous.
  3. Albums (Carousels): This feature lets users share up to ten photos or videos in a single post. Your followers will be able to scroll through your visuals from left to right.
  4. Stories: Stories are ephemeral publications that remain visible for 24 hours. You can add photos, videos, text, stickers, polls and more. You can then sort your stories into albums that can be accessed from your Instagram homepage.
  5. Reels: Reels are short, creative video clips, often accompanied by music. They were made popular partially because of the platform following the success of TikTok. The platform offers templates to help you keep up with the latest trends.
  6. Guides: This feature lets you create guides. These are essentially collections of recommended publications on a specific topic.

These different formats should enable you to create a beautiful Instagram feed for your vacation rental brand and inspire your potential travelers!

10 Instagram post ideas for your vacation rental business

Without further ado, take advantage of the power of social media to develop your contact points, the brand image of your vacation rental and increase your booking requests. Below are 10 content ideas for your vacation rental company’s Instagram account.

Your short-term rental

Sharing beautiful photos of your vacation rental is one of the first things you should post on your Instagram or Facebook account. Indeed, this will give your followers an idea of your rental and create a desire to find out more before why not, booking your property. In all cases, capitalize on an image that’s perfect for your networks. Perfect, yes, but real!

On Instagram, for example, you can either post a single photo or publish a carousel of up to 10 photos/videos. A great way to immerse yourself in your rental. Add appropriate hashtags and avoid generic hashtags to your posts.

You (host)

If you want to create a close relationship with your subscribers and potential future tenants, you can showcase yourself in your publications. Putting yourself in the spotlight can help you humanize your vacation rental business, create a stronger bond with your subscribers and build up your business’ goodwill.

You can, for example, offer a video tour of your vacation rental, but also introduce yourself and the concept of your rental, your values, your actions, etc.

The heritage of your region

You can also move away from your vacation rental itself in your Instagram posts. In fact, you can capitalize on your region’s architectural heritage and show just how interesting your area could be to visit.

Photo ideas: monuments, landscapes, crafts and local specialities….

Your travel reviews

Before making a reservation, most travelers will look at travel reviews and average ratings. You can highlight your positive comments and reviews that testify to the excellent travel experience you offer.

If you’re an Airbnb Superhost or one of Airbnb Guest Favorites, for example, don’t hesitate to share this news with your subscribers.

What’s new?

Take advantage of your Instagram channel to share what’s new in your short-term rental: new furniture, new decor or color on the walls etc. Your guests will appreciate seeing the evolution of your short-term rental and may even want to see it for themselves.

Your favorite restaurants and bars

Let your followers discover your favorite addresses through your Instagram posts. Whether it’s a place for coffee, brunch, dinner or a drink, these recommendations are always appreciated by travelers. Plus, it’s always nice to promote local businesses.

What’s more, this type of publication allows former guests to relive fond memories, and future ones to discover these addresses.

Must-see activities

Whether it’s museums, exhibitions, walks, hikes, concerts, cultural events and much more, you can share all your inspirations via different publications to vary the content of your page.

Local events

As mentioned in our “TBD” article, events help to develop the vacation rental business. Indeed, many travelers take advantage of an event (concert, festival, sport, culture) to discover a city, and often turn to vacation rentals as a lodging solution.

On your Instagram account, you can share the highlights of your region and inspire your potential tenants.


As we all know, a short-term rental business is often based on seasonality. So, to fill your booking calendar during the off-season, you may already be running special offers? You can then relay them on your social media pages to generate new bookings and increase your occupancy rate.

Your partnerships

Perhaps you’ve created partnerships with local shops and businesses? Now’s your chance to showcase them on your Instagram account. You can showcase local merchants who share your values. For example: organic farming, short circuits, fair trade, etc.You can also showcase wellness-type activities that you’d like to share with your community and travelers. The possibilities are endless!

Got any other ideas? Share them in the comments!

In any case, content creation takes time, especially if you want to offer your subscribers relevant, polished content. Remember to define a content calendar so you can post regularly.
If you don’t have time to devote to social media, concentrate your efforts on your rental platform ads and your direct booking website.

Check out our Smoobu guides to getting started on Instagram and Facebook, and follow us.

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