A Facebook Page for your Vacation Rental

Find out how to leverage the power of Facebook and build your brand.

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Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, is massive. In fact, in 2021, there were 2.89 billion monthly active users. How can you take advantage of the power of Facebook to promote your vacation rental?

Why use the social network for your vacation rental? Discover many answers to your questions in our practical guide dedicated to the Facebook Page!

Facebook: key figures and dates

The social network Facebook was born in 2004 and will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary. Since its launch, the social platform has evolved a lot and has managed to spread itself all over the world. In fact, there are 2.89 billion monthly active users (Q2 2021), it’s simply huge! In Europe, the network has 420 million monthly active users (307 million daily).

These figures illustrate the power of Facebook and highlight the great prospects of making your vacation rental business and your brand known.

Why use a Facebook page for your vacation rental?

As we have seen, Facebook’s numbers are impressive. The social network can then create a great opportunity for vacation rental owners who would like to develop their brand as well as their visibility. So why not launch a page to promote your vacation rental? Discover 4 advantages of launching a Facebook page:

1. Increase your visibility

Creating a Facebook page will allow you to promote your short-term rental to a new audience, to develop your audience, to create a community around your rental, to develop your rental brand and to create new booking opportunities.

Multiplying your points of contact with your potential travelers via your social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, allows you to create new opportunities and sources of bookings, and as a result increased revenue.

2. Create a new source of traffic to your website

By creating posts, posting photos of your short term rental, sharing articles about the area and more, you will reach many Facebook users. These users can then interact with your post via a like/reaction, a comment, and even subscribe to your page and may even visit your own website.

As you may know, the more interactions your post gets (likes, comments, shares), the more your post’s reach will increase. It will then appear in more news feeds. It is a kind of modern day word of mouth.

3. Generate new bookings and revenue

As a vacation rental owner, you want to generate new bookings and revenues to boost your business. Your Facebook page will allow you to reach a new target audience and potentially convert them into future guests. Your Facebook page will also encourage your previous tenants to book again.

4. Share more content

Your Facebook page will allow you to share different types of content around your vacation rental and not only. You will be able to post for example :

  • Photos: you will no longer be limited by a maximum number of photos to upload like on the booking websites Airbnb or Booking.com for example. You can create many photo albums, share unique vacation photos etc. Your page, your own rules!
  • Videos: show your vacation rental in action and arouse envy and emotion in your future tenants.
  • Articles: share tips on the area, local events, things to do etc.
  • Polls: create links and interactions with your subscribers. 

The options are endless!

How to create a Facebook page for your vacation rentals?

You will obviously need a personal Facebook profile to create a page for your vacation rental. Personal profiles are not Facebook Pages.

Steps to create your Facebook Page 

  • Go to the following link
  • Then fill in the main information for your page:
  • Name of the page: reflect here the name of your rental/city (example: Dream Big – Austin). The category: vacation home rentals.
  • Add a description to your page that will appear in your “About” section.
  • You will then be able to add a profile photo or logo as well as a cover photo.
  • Then click on “create a page”.

Your page is now created.

Afterwards, you will be able to fill in more relevant information (full description and start publishing content, share your special offers etc.).

How to develop your Facebook page?

1. Create ads

Facebook allows you to easily create advertising campaigns (for a fee) to promote your vacation rental. Advertising is a great way to grow your audience and reach new potential tenants. Discover the different possibilities in the Facebook guide proposed by the platform.

2. Invite your friends and former guests

Getting started on social networks can be difficult. Growing a community takes time and regular posting. To start off on the right foot, you can send an email to your former travelers and friends to invite them to like your page and interact with your upcoming posts. This will allow you to start with a fan base.

3. Post relevant content on your Facebook page

Content is king and it needs to be quality content to engage your potential guests. Share beautiful photos, great deals, your favorite restaurants that you can tag in your post, ask your past travelers to share their photos, interact with your community via polls or questions (what are your favorite destinations for example) and build a bond.

4. Complete your information

Take care of your page to make Facebook users want to join you. The better you fill in your information, the more you will inspire confidence and give all the essential information to your future tenants and subscribers.

Add your website address to generate potential direct bookings, your phone number if you wish, your logo or profile picture, cover image etc.

5. Promote small local businesses

Share your favorite addresses: restaurants, delis, activities and leisure, bars, etc. in your Facebook posts without forgetting to mention the different establishments to create a network. You could then gain new followers and spread the word about your vacation home if the establishment mentions you in some way in return.

6. Promote your Facebook page

Whether you promote your rental home on Facebook or Instagram, you can install social media links and buttons on your website to promote your pages. You can also promote them in your email signature or even in your vacation rental by inviting your travelers to share their photos on their social networks with a dedicated hashtag.

Your Facebook page will allow you to create a community and develop your bookings via digital word of mouth.

Conclusion: Your Facebook page, a new promotional channel for your vacation rental

Registering your vacation rental on Facebook allows you to diversify your contact points and to get in touch with millions of users and as many possibilities to convert them into future travelers. Social media can be a great sounding board if used wisely and help you boost and grow your rental business even more.

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