10 ideas for improving your vacation rental guest experience

There are always things you can do to improve your vacation rental and offer an even better travel experience. Here are 10 ideas for improving your guest experience.

10 ideas for improving your vacation rental guest experience

1. Offer several sets of keys

If you want to satisfy your travelers who came in groups, it is essential to provide them with two sets of keys at the minimum. When you’re hosting groups of friends or families, one set of keys is often not enough, requiring guests to synchronize their comings and goings, or to stay up late to open the door for night owls.

By offering several sets of keys, you’ll make life easier for your guests and enhance their experience big time. They’ll be more independent of each other, and they’ll thank you for it.

2. Offer quality furniture

A satisfying guest experience also requires quality furniture. Not only pleasing to the eye, but above all comfortable. Think of your guests as people who want to relax, lounge and unwind on vacation. They’ll appreciate a quality sofa to recharge their batteries and premium bedding to get a good night’s sleep.

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3. Offer self-check-in

More and more travelers are opting for self check-in. It’s practical, giving them greater freedom and autonomy, and giving you, as the owner or manager, greater peace of mind.

To set up self check-in, you can install an Airbnb key box or a smart lock.

4. Personalize your experience with a hand-written welcome note

In the event that you offer autonomous arrival, it’s still important to humanize your short-term rental business. To this end, as indicated on our blog, you should write a word of welcome to your guests to personalize their experience. This attention will be noticed and can make all the difference!

5. Offer a welcome gift

Another attention-getter that will enhance the traveler’s experience: a welcome gift. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money, just a little attention will delight your guests. You’ll leave a lasting impression.

Some ideas: handmade soaps, a jar of homemade jam, regional specialties, wine, etc. See our blog for more examples of welcome gifts.

6. Focus on entertainment

While some travelers may prefer a digital detox vacation, others will be happy to find a variety of ways to entertain themselves: television, Netflix accounts, DVD or Blu-ray collections, various books and magazines, board games, cards and so on.

These options can provide travelers with opportunities to relax and share an enjoyable moment.

7. Share your recommendations in your Guest Guide

To make it easier for your guests to discover the region, provide them with local and practical information in your Guest Guide.

In addition to your recommendations for restaurants, tourist sites, hikes or fun activities, you can also include interactive maps, videos or any other relevant information in your Smoobu Guest Guide to help travelers explore the region without difficulty and have a top-notch stay!

8. Ensure professional cleaning

An essential aspect of providing a 5-star experience is the cleanliness of your vacation rental. You can follow our cleaning tips or our 23 tips for effective spring cleaning, or hire professionals to get the job done.

A clean, well-maintained environment is a prerequisite for welcoming guests in good form. Cleanliness is a criterion of choice for many guests when booking a vacation rental!

9. Set up a feedback system

Give your guests the opportunity to comment on their stay. Set up a feedback system, whether through a physical guest book, an online form or a other feedback platform. This will enable travelers to share their impressions, give suggestions for improvement and help you continually improve your offering.

10. Offer additional services

To deliver an exceptional travel experience, consider offering additional services. These could include bike rentals, guided tours, breakfasts, spa or massage bookings, or even a grocery delivery service. These extra services will make travelers feel pampered, and make their stay even more pleasant and convenient.

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