Security measures for vacation rentals

Protect your vacation home from unforeseen events with these safety tips.

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The security of your vacation rental is one of the most important factors in welcoming your guests and achieving better results in your business. Many travelers will pass through your vacation rental property, and it may happen that at some point there is a mishap that jeopardizes the safety of the vacation. For these reasons, following these tips and safety measures will make your guests feel safer and avoid major problems.

Safety measures in your vacation rental: where to start

Vacation rentals offer a multitude of advantages for a large number of travelers: from independence to move around different places to privacy, guests who choose to travel and stay in vacation rentals are also looking to feel safe. That is why as a host you must provide the safety and security to avoid unpleasant situations.

Is there a safety regulation in the vacation rental sector?

Although the administrative regulations on vacation rentals are often quite strict, legislation does not often include in detail what security elements are necessary before starting to rent a vacation rental. The responsibility to provide security protocols lies with the owner or property manager. That said, although there are no specific sanctions if there are no guidelines to ensure the safety of visitors, it is advisable to follow some safety tips.

What happens if an accident happens in the vacation rental and how can it affect you?

Things won’t occur daily, but accidents in vacation rentals can be a big problem for the owners in legal terms. Hence the importance of having a good home, liability or comprehensive insurance, even if the rental platforms themselves offer assistance in these cases.

5 safety tips for vacation homes

Developing a safety protocol in your vacation rental will help your guests know what to do if an emergency occurs and will also provide you with less risk as an owner.

Security measures for vacation rentals ᐅ Guide

1. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Fire protection safety systems and a carbon monoxide detector can save lives. Fires are always a source of concern, as they can happen sporadically, from a short circuit to a poorly extinguished candle, and cause great personal and property damage. They are so important that Airbnb offers free of charge to its hosts the installation of this type of detectors and rewards those who advertise it as a feature of the home on the platform.

2. Fire extinguishers

Combined with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, are the best way to prevent fire damage. Install one in areas such as the kitchen or garage, or the barbecue area.

3. First aid kit

Install a first aid kit in the bathroom, kitchen or in a place where your guests can easily find it. Use a guest guide to inform them of the location and don’t forget to report it before each new visit.

4. Locks on doors and windows

If your vacation home is easily accessible from street level, it is important to install locks on windows and exterior doors to prevent break-ins and burglaries. A deadbolt will serve to guarantee a minimum of security. We at Smoobu advise you to install a smart lock, which in addition to offering security will make it easier for guests to access and leave the property, especially when you are not present or the contact person in charge of property management is not present either.

5. Exterior security equipment

If you have a little more budget, it is advisable to install security cameras or an alarm service with connection to the police or security company. Especially if your vacation home spends months uninhabited, surveillance cameras allow you to know if there are suspicious movements in your home with a simple internet connection from your cell phone.

Other useful security measures for homeowners

The above security measures are certainly a way to start protecting your property and offer a more complete service to your guests. There are also some details to keep in mind, which may go unnoticed at first glance, but which are also of great importance.

Emergency contact

Leaving a contact person in case of emergency is always a good idea, especially if you are not on site. In any case, write a safety protocol guide for your vacation rental so that you can include it in the Guest Guide. Within the Guest Guide, be sure leave emergency and contact numbers in several languages, such as hospitals, police stations, embassies and consulates, etc.

Check the facilities of the rental property

Ensure your property is in perfect condition. This is another fundamental detail to prevent accidents, especially among the most vulnerable guests.

  • Check that the accesses to the property are safe (ramps, steps, elevator, etc.) for guests in wheelchairs or visually impaired, as well as elements in the bathroom.
  • Do not leave cleaning products or sharp objects within reach of children or pets.
  • Make a visual inspection of the electrical box, the electric water heater, the gas cylinder and its connections and pipes. It is also important that the installations have been checked by a professional company. Inform your guests that everything has been checked according to official safety protocols.
  • If you have a swimming pool in your tourist accommodation, do not leave out chemical products that may cause allergic reactions if handled. Limit access to the purifier and other similar elements that could be damaged.
  • Inform the cleaning services of your vacation rental safety protocols so that they can also review them, also with regard to Covid-19 and other sanitary measures in force.

The best safety measure for your vacation rental is prevention.

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Although equipping your vacation rental with these safety measures may be an expense at the beginning, it is an investment that you will be able to recover in a very short time.

Both guests and vacation rental platforms like Airbnb value these details and will help you to climb up the search rankings on rental websites. This way it will be much easier to offer a perfect rental to your visitors, so that they will always come back.

Did you know that Smoobu offers integrations with security companies like noise monitors and smart locks? Switch now to Smoobu’s channel manager and protect your vacation rental from danger.

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