Increase your bookings by creating a virtual tour of your vacation rental

Boost bookings by creating a virtual tour of your vacation rental.

An excellent way to encourage potential guests to make a reservation and attract their interest in booking platforms is to offer them the opportunity to visit virtually before making a decision. 

Virtual reality tours for vacation rentals: what you need to know

A virtual tour is a tool that allows an immersive 360º experience. The images captured are combined with specialized software to create an experience that allows users to take a virtual tour of the property, better appreciating its details.

The advantages of offering virtual tours for holiday accommodations

Virtual tours have not only proven to be more effective according to statistics, but also offer unique benefits compared to static images. Tourist apartment rentals continue to grow every quarter in Spain and it is becoming increasingly difficult to innovate and offer services that make a difference, which is only one reason why it is a great idea to include a virtual tour on your website or in advertisements. But there are many others that we list below.

Visiting vacation rentals from anywhere in the world

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter, so it’s more important to capture the potential guest’s attention from the first interaction with the ad. The images of a 360° virtual tour will create a feeling in the traveler, which will make him visualize himself already at the property. This marketing tool, therefore, is an important key to generating that feeling in the user and encouraging him to book.

It will create more buzz

Even if guests have already booked, a virtual tour gives them a better idea of what the property is like increasing their excitement and expectations for their stay. It is an excellent tool that will prevent them from unpleasant surprises about the size of the rooms or the amount of light, ensuring a more satisfying experience and positive reviews.

You will offer a more professional image

A virtual tour professionalizes your website, increasing guests’ confidence in your business and, consequently, the likelihood of bookings. Posting images of the virtual tour also on your social media will increase interest and encourage interested guests to book.

How to create a virtual tour for your vacation rental?

Don’t be afraid if you think you need to be a design expert to offer a virtual tour, as anyone could do. Just follow these steps to make your own:

1. Get a device to take 360º images

Fortunately, most modern cameras and phones allow you to take 360º images. While a dedicated camera can cost around $300, many smartphones have this capability.

2. Take quality pictures

If you use a smartphone, be sure to maintain consistency in lighting conditions and timing when taking photos to avoid looking unprofessional. Ideally, this should be done with a professional camera or with the help of a professional photographer.

3. Use an app to create virtual tours

Multiple apps for both iOS and Android will guide you in creating the virtual tour. Search for “virtual tours” or “3D tours” in your Apple or Android app store and choose the one that appeals to you.

4. Hire a specialized agency

If all this sounds like a lot of work, you can hire specialized companies to ensure a professional and high-quality result.

5. Embed it on your website

This option can be the most complicated, especially if your knowledge is limited. But it will be enough to insert an HTML code in your web domain for the virtual tour to appear on the booking site.

Include your 360º virtual tour now and generate more bookings

It is clear that virtual tours make a difference and are widely used in real estate platforms as well. Just like other marketing techniques used to add attractiveness and value to a vacation home, such as home staging, 360º technology will allow you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition,
  • Professionalize your vacation rental business,
  • Attract and retain guests.

Together with the professional management that Smoobu offers you, will ensure that your vacation rental business is always booked and will generate more visits to your website and social media profiles, as well as much more interaction with the ads on the platforms.

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