Create a unique vacation rental to compete better with the competition

ᐅ Create a unique vacation rental to compete better with the competition

Sometimes, in order to stand out from the competition in the vacation rental industry, creating a unique vacation rental is worth considering. Indeed, many travelers are thirsty for new experiences and might be interested in a unique vacation rental or unusual stay. Discover what exactly is an atypical vacation rental and what are the different types, the possible advantages for your rental business, but also how to start such a project!

What is a unique vacation rental exactly?

A unique vacation rental is a type of property that differs from the so-called classic seasonal rental formulas.

Unusual properties offer a different experience through their layout, their concept, their design, their location or what services they offer.

Although they often operate in a similar way to traditional rentals, unique rentals have that extra touch that makes them simply unique and even more desirable.

What are the different types of unique vacation rentals?

Your imagination is the only limit! The concepts and types of unique vacation rentals are unlimited. Here are a few examples:

  • In the air: a tree house in the middle of nature, a tent or a suspended nest, a 360° glass bubble
  • A different place: a mill, an industrial wasteland, a heritage building (prison, fortress, school) etc.
  • An initiation to travel: a teepee, a yurt, a caravan, a glamping set up
  • At the water’s edge: a barge, a floating hut, a lighthouse, a fisherman’s hut
  • In a converted vehicle: a plane, a school bus, a train car
  • A “pop culture universe” in a classic rental: cinema, music, an era (the sixties, the 90s) etc.
  • A location around a monochromatic colour, around a material etc.

We hope you see that the field of possibilities is endless!

4 advantages of offering a unique vacation rental as a seasonal rental

By creating a unique vacation rental, you will inevitably create the “wow” effect sought after when you want to target this category. Among the other advantages, we can add:

1. Target another type of traveler

By entering the field of unique rentals, you will attract travelers with a thirst for novelty, unusual experiences and unusual vacations.

Smoobu guide: the different types of travelers in vacation rentals.

2. Ensure a full booking calendar in advance

Another interest of the unusual is its unique and atypical character. Compared to a classic short term rental, you could also fill your booking calendar in advance because of the rarity of the property and its exceptional nature!

3. Make people talk about you

The unusual nature makes people talk about it, surprises them and creates envy. Thus, you could benefit from a real emotional response whether it is on social networks in general, the media or specialized sites according to the concept that you will propose.

4. Stand out online: WOW category on Airbnb for example

You will not necessarily seduce all travelers with an unusual seasonal rental, but you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. Your project could be listed in the WOW category of Airbnb for example and thus be highlighted.

What are the prerequisites to launch an unusual rental?

As we have seen, an unusual rental means an atypical one. Therefore, different aspects have to be taken into account before launching this project and getting your first reservations.

  • Construction: you may need a declaration of works or a building permit depending on your project.
  • Insurance: you will have to ask your insurer to insure your original seasonal rental in good and due form.

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