5 keys to make your seaside vacation rental a success this summer

As we enter the high season, vacation rentals on the coast are getting ready to hang their “no vacancies” sign this summer. From short stays for a weekend or even for a month’s long rental, many travelers prefer the seaside over mountains for their summer break. The quality of the beaches, the high temperatures that are registered every summer and the collective illusion that summer without a beach is not summer, a holiday rental on the coast is undoubtedly an investment to take advantage of. If you have a holiday rental on the beach, we bring you these tips to get it ready for this summer to offer your guests an unforgettable experience. 

1. Check the condition of the property 

If your vacation rental on the beach receives more visitors in summer than during the rest of the year, it is vital that you make a thorough check of the state of the property. There may be damage, moisture stains, broken furniture or appliances, bedding in poor condition, or neglected outdoor spaces that need tending to.

If your vacation rental has air conditioning, check that the appliances and controls are in good working order and that there are no water leaks. The washing machine will be an appliance that will be used a lot by guests during these months, so it is important that it works perfectly. To prevent energy consumption from skyrocketing, you can use a device such as Minut to help monitor noise and occupancy. You can also remind your guests in the Guest Guide not to set the air conditioning above a certain temperature or to use off-peak hours to save on costs. 

2. Tune up the outdoor areas 

Especially if the holiday rental is located on the beachfront, it is normal that after the winter storms and winds the outside areas need a thorough cleaning and even a coat of paint. This is critical as guests will spend most of their time in the outdoor areas of the property, where they can cool off, sunbathe and enjoy the hot summer nights.

If the vacation rental is a villa with a pool and garden, for example, make sure that the lawn and trees are free of pests and that there is no danger of branches falling off. Also make sure that the pool purifier and the pH of the water are in perfect condition. 

On the other hand, if the property is a beach apartment, it is important to check that the accesses to the house are well (locks or smart locks). Also, ensure that the windows and balconies close well and that the mosquito nets work correctly. 

3. Leave free storage space for guests

If the beach house is your regular home, and you want to rent it only during the season, it is important that you have some open space for guests. Especially in summer and if the guests are renting for several weeks or a whole month, you may want to provide things like beach towels, coolers, surfboards, sports equipment, etc. That said, a well-organized vacation rental should be well stocked as it is tidy! 

4. Summer decoration 

The decoration of a vacation rental is an important factor in attracting the attention of future guests. Summer decor will make your vacation rental stand out on booking portals and inspire travelers to dream of an unforgettable vacation. 

Light tones such as white, light blue and yellow are perfect for summer. Swap wool rugs for esparto mats. Comfortable furniture will also be essential to provide maximum relaxation for guests. 

Also, including sea-inspired decor, although it may sound cliché, will make the vacation home fit into the guest’s travel experience. Shells, starfish and marine paintings, for example, are elements that cannot be missing in an ideal summer rental. 

5. Think about offering extra services

Many travelers want to disconnect and relax during summer vacations, while others will prefer to live experiences and practice water sports, cultural and gastronomic visits or frequent nightlife. Whatever the preferences of your guests, offering additional services that can positively impact the travel experience, making it more comfortable or fun, will be a way to improve the quality of the stay and ensure loyal guests for next summer. From a home shopping delivery service, local cultural experiences, sports equipment rentals, surfing or diving lessons or tickets to cultural events, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Smoobu will help you provide a unique experience this summer

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