4 new Smoobu features: new payment options, automatic message enhancements…

ᐅ 4 new Smoobu features: new payment options, automatic message enhancements…

Smoobu has added new features to help you with your vacation rental business! Read on to learn about our 4 new features and see how they can help you as a rental owner or manager to optimize your daily operations and boost your business.

4 new Smoobu features to enhance your Host and Guests’ experiences

1. New payment options for the Smoobu Booking System

The new integration with Stripe Connect allows you to offer more payment options to your guests. This feature allows you to facilitate international tourists by offering them their preferred payment methods, all through a unified integration.

Available payment options:

  • Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, CB
  • Wallets: Microsoft Pay, WeChat Pay etc.
  • Bank debits and transfers
  • Bank redirects
  • Buy now, pay later
  • And more…. Check out this Stripe page to know more about the possibilities.

The update also allows you to process payments and display prices in the customer’s chosen currency, avoiding your guest’s conversion fees! As a host, you can choose which payment methods you would like to add and use.

If you don’t use Stripe Connect yet, then start by switching to the new Stripe API connection.
So how can you get started?

  1. Login to Smoobu
  2. On the lefthand panel click “Settings”
  3. Click “Integrations and Partnerships” and then “Stripe”
  4. If you see “Stripe Connect” no action is required, you are already done! However if you can see “Stripe (Credit Card)” this means you are on the
  5. old connection and need to update.
  6. To remove: Click on “Stripe (Credit Card)” and “remove login information”
  7. Then go back to the “Integrations and Partnerships” page and click on “Stripe Connect”
  8. Now click on “Connect” and add your login information
  9. You are now using Stripe Connect.

2. Ability to send a payment link to your Guests

Many users – perhaps including yourself – work with prepayments. The pre-payment is usually made at the time of booking and a manual balance collection is done prior to arrival, perhaps?

Very soon, an automatic payment link can be sent to your Guests to pay the remaining amount. This way, your payment process is simplified. Stay tuned for a guide on how to do this in the next coming weeks!

3. Overview of Open, Pending, and Paid guest payments

On Smoobu, you can now see on the Booking page the payment status: Open, Pending and Paid payment. This will become an invaluable tool for payment tracking! If required, you can then send a payment link to your guests to chase-up payments. If you charge your guests in cash or if the reservation is already paid, you may add payments here to get the full overview of your open invoices.

4. Cancel and Edit scheduled auto-messages

As you may already know with Smoobu you can automate your communication to save time and ensure each guest has all information they need for their stay. Your personalized automatic messages are triggered and sent according to different criteria: Time of day, Trigger event (like Arrival or Departure), Portal booked, and Accommodation. As a host, previously it may have been complicated to clearly identify which message template was triggered to send, and at what time.

The benefits of the update: You can now better identify the automatic messages queue and can now pause / cancel the sending of certain messages. Imagine that a guest calls you to ask a specific question and they receive the same information a few days later in an automatic message. This could make a bad impression, but now you are able to stop the message before it arrives!

You can also edit an automated message for a particular booking. This allows you to further tailor your communication with guests as needed!

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