Vrbo new combined calendar: How to sync rates and minimum stays

ᐅ Vrbo new combined calendar: Sync rates and minimum stays

Staying informed about the latest updates on vacation rental platforms will help you get more out of your rental business. There are good news this month for hosts and owners that list their vacation rentals on Vrbo.

New combined calendar

You can now view and manage your booking calendars and prices in one place. This way you’ll always have all your upcoming bookings, availabilities and rates in view. From now on, all information is available in this new feature. How do you access it? Just go to Calendar to see all the information.

ℹ️ Remember that with Smoobu you can manage and sync Vrbo rates and minimum stays since January 2021 and control everything you need as a host centrally through one platform.

Note: Disruption in our VRBO Beta connection

ᐅ Vrbo new combined calendar: Sync rates and minimum stays

Why your house rules are so important

Check-out can be a pleasant experience for you and your guests. Or it can’t. Many guests overlook certain guidelines during their stay, which means unnecessary hassle for you.

To avoid these situations in the future, Vrbo has put together 8 important recommendations to help you define your own house rules before your guests book. This way you’ll avoid problems and unpleasant situations.

Tips for more 5-star reviews

Good reviews are key to the success of your vacation rental, but getting there isn’t always easy. Looking at what other successful hosts are doing can help you a lot. That’s why you’ll now find real case studies to inspire you.

Vrbo recommends starting with a welcome guide that makes life easier for your guests. Also, we are sure that a guest guide is the ideal way to improve your reviews.

Here you can learn how to easily create your digital guest guide.

Advantages of Vrbo for vacation rental hosts

In our Vrbo guide you will find all the advantages that Vrbo offers you as a owner. Equally important is to read the success stories of other vacation rental hosts and learn how they managed to survive even tough times. Get inspired by the stories of other hosts around the world and discover new ideas for your short term rental.

Try all our tools for hosts now for free and without obligation and get even better results in your vacation rental business.

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